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Mr BlueSky
25th Mar 2012, 11:55
Bare with me with this as there's a couple of things I need to clear up in my head... :ugh:

Schedule of Spare Parts Manual

Who would use this manual, Westland service engineers, maintenance units, ground crews...

Take a look at the scan below, it's the index of assemblies and on the right hand side you'll notice there are assembly drawing numbers...

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v187/Secudus/th_SoSP.jpg (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v187/Secudus/SoSP.jpg)

The whole manual is plastered with drawing numbers...

Now would the MU's have had these drawings on site and if so, what medium would they have use, paper or might they have been on microfilm?

Exactor Controls

The engine throttle, mixture and airscrew speed were all operated hydraulically by the Exactor system as were the movable landing lights, does that mean the controls the pilot used to actuate the throttle, mixture and speed units were made by the Exactor Company or were they made say by Hobson to be hooked up to the Exactor transmitter?


Krystal n chips
25th Mar 2012, 13:31
Your post is a bit erm, confusing ....in part at least.

In the RAF, spares listings are contained in the Topic 3.... formerly known as the Vol. 3 to many on here. Every operator of an aircraft type would have the relevant sets of AP's therefore.

MU's were a bit different in this respect in that, due to their nature, they did have much more detailed information supplied by manufacturers when required for specific tasks, notably mod.programmes and repair schemes.

Depending on the era. paper and / or microfiche formats

The civilian version in the M.M's is the IPC.

At a guess, I would say the scanned document you provided was a purely Westland internal item until required by an operator for whatever reason.

Hope this helps ?

Mr BlueSky
26th Mar 2012, 00:56
Yes, it is Vol. III as you said, interesting about the amount of detailed info the MU's would have had at their disposal though...

"Depending on the era. paper and / or microfiche formats"

1940 - 1943

Thanks for the info.


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