View Full Version : Provost T Mk 1 Student study guide

22nd Mar 2012, 19:21
Although I don't remember being issued with one at Ternhill a lifetime ago I have been told that there was an official RAF Training Command publication.
I can only recall the Pilot's Notes for the type. Any ideas, please?

23rd Mar 2012, 09:07
I wasn't issued with one either.

Study Guides?????

You got told how to ONCE.

23rd Mar 2012, 09:42
No study guides at Feltwell, either. Pilots' Notes included a circuit diagram in the illustrations, but that's as hi tec as it got.

23rd Mar 2012, 12:12
Pilots Notes only issued - Ternhill Jan 1956

23rd Mar 2012, 14:58
Somewhere, someone will still have a copy of the appropriate version of the AP 3225 Instructor's handbook Provost T. Mk 1. This is the nearest thing to a Study Guide which was a much later idea.

23rd Mar 2012, 18:40
Study Guides?????

You got told how to ONCE.

Which reminds me - my instructor would say "I tell-a you once, I tell-a you twice, but I not tell-a you a second time because you're a @*+$& idiot!"

Yes, he was Polish. How did you guess?