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Kulwin Park
21st Mar 2012, 08:06
Hi All, I'm planning a trip to the Kangaroo Valley just north of Nowra. But upon reading the ERSA, it says AVGAS fuel is not available for civilian aircraft. Where else can you get fuel nearby? Any good local airfields that can handle a single cessna??

Cheers, KP

Cynical Pilot
21st Mar 2012, 08:24
Unless things have changed since I last flew down in that part of the world, the chances of being allowed to even land at HMAS Albatross are between slim and bugger all!

21st Mar 2012, 08:26
Wollongong is only 26nm to the north.

21st Mar 2012, 08:31
Wollongong has credit card bowser. also, Jasper Brush is close to Kangaroo Valley. and will allow overnight parking, but after recent rains, might be worth a call to the South coast recreational flying club to get up to date conditions from the CFI. both strips are 800Mtrs Grass. all aircraft welcome there.

21st Mar 2012, 09:39
Wollongong is your best bet (YWOL). If you really need to land at Nowra, ring the number in ERSA during working hours, however it is highly unlikely that Navy will give you permission to land.
Transit through the airspace is not a problem, just check notams and ATIS to see if ATC is active.

21st Mar 2012, 10:04
Agree YWOL is the easiest solution (with no red tape).

You might have a chance at Nowra if you gain the support of Albatross Aero Club, based there. 4423 3233.

21st Mar 2012, 10:06
Yep, Wollongong nice and easy with a credit card bowser that doesn't require a hundred swipes to get working. Watch for the NOTAM'd taxiway.

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