View Full Version : Offers wanted for regular flights Zug - IBZ

19th Mar 2012, 12:42
We are checking costs to fly Zug (or nearest airport) Friday afternoon returning Sunday night, just 1 pax, flying nearly every weekend. Turbo prop or jet considered, with our best offer at 8500 per round trip at the moment. Would also consider lease depending on terms. Please send us offers and terms if interested.

Globally Challenged
19th Mar 2012, 13:06
Wouldn't a broker be more appropriate?

G-SPOTs Lost
19th Mar 2012, 15:24
why would he need a broker for such a regular straightforward trip?

Its not obligatory is it! I appreciate if you're shifting Kylie around a world tour then a broker will come into his own but a regular flight like this theres considerable savings to be made over 12 months if you book direct and it might be the difference between the client actually doing it or not doing it.

A broker might be handy for the operator to find some work for a regular Ibiza based weekend aircraft for an out and back - in fact that might be handy as long as you're back for Sunday night

19th Mar 2012, 16:11
Where is ZUG ? Thank You

Globally Challenged
19th Mar 2012, 16:19
Fair enough - but It does rather rely on suitable operators reading this forum

19th Mar 2012, 16:19
ZUG appears to be Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA......presumably the "E8500" is a typo ??

G-SPOTs Lost
19th Mar 2012, 16:29
I was assuming it was the Zug about 50 south of Zurich

19th Mar 2012, 16:30
The OP presumably means Zug, Switzerland, in which case Zurich would be the closest intl. airport.


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