View Full Version : Belfast/Queens University Air Squadron - why was it disbanded?

18th Mar 2012, 23:37
Perhaps one for military, but seemed more appropriate here!

Curious as to why this UAS ws disbanded - purely economics or were there other reasons?

19th Mar 2012, 12:52
As one who was in its supervisory chain at the time - purely economics! the decision was taken as it was the most expensive UAS - by lots, but still pennies in the great scheme of things.

Clearly for lots of things the studes had to do, they had to come back to the "mainland" - so the T&S was disproportionally high. And at the time the regular staff received the NI "operational" package so capitation costs were higher - NI pay and reduced accommodation costs - and the GSM!

We resisted it strongly - I recall making the point that if we ever reduced to only four UASs there should still be one in each of the Home Nations. But you can never beat the beancounters .......:(

India Four Two
19th Mar 2012, 17:02
I saw their Chipmunks make a re-fuelling stop at Shawbury en route to a Summer Camp. I assume it was the cost of the Mae Wests that tipped the economic balance ;)

At least they weren't carrying Sterlings stuffed into their flying suit pockets, like the NI Wessex crews I saw one time.