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13th Mar 2012, 01:50
hey guys,

Could you just fill out this survey for me please. its for one of my assignments. thanks

http://app.fluidsurveys.com/surveys/david-crosby/why-do-you-pick-a-certain-airport-to-fly-from/ (http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fapp.fluidsurveys.com%2Fsurveys%2Fdavid-crosby%2Fwhy-do-you-pick-a-certain-airport-to-fly-from%2F&h=SAQHYNufZAQHdNUpXZofY9zfsLRplmuC4yQ3IVMAXNtqpWg)

13th Mar 2012, 10:05
David, it would help if you gave a bit more background to you, your course and your assignment. I hesitated when the link took me via a FacePrune warning.

You questions do not enable me to say why I choose to fly from various airports on different occasions. Each flight has these factors: cost (incl vs train) overall time travel, availability of flight, availability of connections to final destination, use of single airline from start to finish (so airline will look after me if the feeder flight misses my connection). For me facilities at the airport are irrelevant - as long as I know what they are I can compensate.

In my business days other factors influenced - one preferred airline for frequent flyer points, time of departure to enable me to maximise my working day.

13th Mar 2012, 12:44
Ignoring the link for a moment (copied from a Facebook page), the oddly worded question and poor grammar... this survey will not get data of any use. It's way too generic.

13th Mar 2012, 15:18
I do take your Feeback srobarts. For me this is a subject im not that keen on. So for me it is just pass by any means, The course is Airline and Airport Management.

WillDAQ the link is coppied from Survey Fluid. Also I had a short limited time to write this survey, I do wish I had more time to do the research but we have been given 2 weeks to get the survey out and submit a 2,000 word report. So I am sorry If the grammer does not reach your high standard. I am sorry about this

13th Mar 2012, 15:24
I had a quick look at the survey and cannot see what possible benefit the answers could provide, but I am willing to answer if it helps you, but I do wonder if you could clarify what you are trying to achieve here.

I lecture in Airline Management and if one of my students put out a survey like this I would be disappointed. It's not just about the 'grammer' not reaching the right standard, it displays lack of thought and interest, but then you've said you're not keen on the subject anyway, which poses a number of other questions.

However, good luck!

13th Mar 2012, 15:37
Thanks Tableview, I do understand where you are coming from. For me I want to work in airport sercurity or working within an airline on service concepts or product development. Also I have never been academic. Its not my strong point, Im more hands on. Also again this subject im not doing that well in compared to by other subjects where I am doing a lot better in. The Subject is Market Research and we had to choose a Topic. The Topic I chose was why do people people pick certain airports to fly from. I wish I chose something a lot different now. What I was trying to get is would people choose to fly from their local airport if they could.

Lightning Mate
13th Mar 2012, 15:44
Is this real.........?

13th Mar 2012, 16:15
Here are a couple of suggestions for your survey. I've taken less than 5 minutes to clean up the grammar and to add a few questions which may obtain results more aligned to what you want. It's still far from perfect but hopefully a little better than your first attempt.

Please answer these questions based on your normal travel pattern.

What is your age?

under 18

What is the usual the main purpose of your trips?
Visiting friends/family

What is the usual length of your trips?:
<2 days
2-5 days
6-9 days
>9 days

What is your closest airport?

From where do you usually fly?

Northern Ireland
North West
North East
South East
South West
Outside UK specify ...................

What are your criteria for selecting a departure airport? (select all applicable)

Proximity to home/office
A preferred airline flies into the airport
Cheap flight
Like the airport
Always flown from this airport
Have no choice as it was for business
Airport facilities
Have not considered alternatives
There are no viable alternatives

Which facilities of the airport are important to you?

ease of access
public transport
retail facilities
comfortable lounges
business facilities
speed of check in and boarding
reliable operations

How far away do you live from the airport you usually use?

How do you get to the airport?
Private transport

Do you fly alone?


If you do not fly alone how many are usually in your group? (leave question if you travelled alone

8 or more

If you could fly from your local airport would you do so?

This is my local airport
Maybe if it had suitable flights
Maybe if it had better facilities

13th Mar 2012, 16:59
I now know more and I despair. I always understood that a university education meant in part acquiring critical and analytical thinking skills which could be utilised in many areas rather than just the subject one is reading. Your approach to the task in hand is, "How little can I get away with?". If you don't care about the topic why should anyone else care about helping you? People here have been generous in their suggestions but you will not get people to help you fully if you are not even starting to help yourself.

So you want a career in aviation? Just remember that the competition for all jobs these days is phenomenal. Employers are looking for people who go the extra mile. You could do well to remember that everything you write on forums like this and on social sites like FacePrune could well be read alongside your application for a job.

Go back to square one, take on board the suggestions, rewrite your questionnaire and re-ask for help. Make sure everyone understands that you want to do the best possible in the task. Feedback to people how you do. Regard every topic you do as part of your future job application - showing how good you are at taking on whatever is thrown at you and excelling.

Rant over

13th Mar 2012, 17:15
WillDAQ the link is coppied from Survey Fluid.
No, the link is copied from the Facebook page on which you presumably posted the survey fluid link. Hence everyone who clicks on it ends up at Facebook's external URL warning page first, not terribly reassuring!

Also I had a short limited time to write this survey, I do wish I had more time to do the research but we have been given 2 weeks to get the survey out and submit a 2,000 word report.
Surveys are not a simple thing to construct, subtle changes in wording can lead to large biases in the results. Throwing a survey together is not going to result in a useful report. When the question doesn't even make sense (eg "Does the Facilities of an airport attract?") then you're just wasting the respondent's time.

What I was trying to get is would people choose to fly from their local airport if they could.
People already do, perhaps it would be wise to study existing local airports and the marketing strategies they employed to grow their market share?

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