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10th Mar 2012, 23:51
I know theres been a thread on this in another forum, but it hasnt been cleared up. Any help is much appreciated.

I have a NZ CPL and I'm looking at heading to PNG in a year or so, I want to sit exams that are reconised over there too. I spoke to a guy at the CASA PNG licencing department over the phone. He mentioned that they recognise ATPL exams from most countries and do so also with NZ subjects. I would like to get all my NZ ATPL subjects before going but only if they are recognised.

Has anyone with an NZ CPL and NZ ATPL subjects been able to recently gain a PNG ATPL or know if it is possible???

Cheers in advance

11th Mar 2012, 04:44
Just check how long NZ CAA lets you keep your ATPL subjects on ice, get the exams behind you, go and get a job in PNG, and negotiate on the spot.
Most of the blokes running PNG CASA, in my experience, seem to be very reasonable, Wilson Sagati, the CEO, sets a very good example, pragmatic and sensible, if that isn't a tautology.
Tootle pip!!

Mach E Avelli
11th Mar 2012, 08:02
Make sure that you front with a current CPL and current medical and current instrument rating. They can only validate stuff which is current. Not current? Back to where you came from to get it done. By ICAO rules the validation should be good for 90 days, but in PNG they need the licencing revenue, so your fee will only buy you 60 days. That's plenty enough time to go to work and sit PNG CPL Air Law and the I.R. Air Law and do a local medical. You also need a letter of verification from your foreign CAA to tell them that the licence with your photo and fingerprints all over it is not a forgery. Then they will issue a PNG CPL with whatever endorsements are in your (still current) foreign licence, provided that those types are on the PNG register. To my knowledge they don't have their own ATPL theory exams, so once you have all the above, you can then hit them with the NZ ATPL subjects, sit the ATPL Air Law, pay more fees and provided you have the requisite hours, do a flight test. Try to short cut the system and it will end in tears - for you that is.
Or you could just front with a foreign ATPL in the first place. Then you only need to do the two air law exams and medical and bring along the letter of verification.

12th Mar 2012, 13:51
The only validation you get is for 30 days, so you can fly on your foreign. You still need to sit an IR exam and either a CPL or ATPL exam. As long as you meet the requirements for the PNG ATPL ( flight time and have at least foreign ATPL subjects ) sit that exam, no requirement to sit both and it is easier.

16th Mar 2012, 08:26
PNG CASA don't conduct their own written examinations of ATPL theory. You have to have exams credits in the ICAO subject areas from another approved authority .

See Part 61 Sub part G. Available off casapng.gov.pg

As mentioned above, then complete the ATPL Air Law and Instrument Rating written exams (provided by PNG CASA) and a flight test.


16th Mar 2012, 22:04
Great guys, thanks a heap for this info! :ok:

Yes I was aware that PNG CASA don't have there own ATPL exams, but looks like the NZ CAA subjects will qualify:

Air Law(Aeroplane)
Flight Navigation general
Flight planning
Instruments and Navigational Aids
Human Factors
Advanced Aerodynamics, performance and systems knowledge

All subjects must be passed within 3 years and then they remain on ice for a further 10 years I believe. I'm aiming to complete these all before I go.

I'll ensure my CPL and IR are both current before heading over there. When I plan on going there, I won't have the ATPL flight experience requirements so providing I got a job I could initially convert my NZ CPL over (sitting the CPL law exam) and once I gain the ATPL flight experience requirements I could apply for the PNG ATPL (and sit the ATPL Law exam).


14th May 2012, 00:21
Hi !

I know it is not the good thread but...it is the more recent one about nz atpl nav i found..

I just started studying using ppcs notes...and its a nightmare !

do you guys have suggestions or help by any chances?

I have heard of a pete summers ground course but i found out he is not doing it anymore ...!!

Thank you so much

17th Sep 2015, 11:58
So I am trying to do my ATPL in Fiji and I heard rumors that it's not recognized in PNG.
Anyone out there who has any idea about this please inform me.

18th Sep 2015, 22:17

As I mentioned in your previous post, ring CASA PNG and obtain all the facts. Do not rely on here say and gossip

I'll make it easy for you: ring Capt. Malakai (CASA PNG FOI) on number +675 7141 5521.

It's so easy. Yes CASA PNG do recognise other ICAO ATPL and CPL theory exams BUT they will not issue you with a PNG CPL or ATPL licence or temporary validation until you have a employment.

CASA PNG do not have any means of administering a flight test! They rely on your employer to do so on their behalf. For other than PNG Nationals you have to be over the of 23 yrs (to encourage locals to obtain licences) and have a minimum of 1000 TT to fly on commercial ops in country as PIC, or something to that effect.

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