View Full Version : Forster "Wallis Is" Airport in NSW?

9th Mar 2012, 04:16
Does anybody know if the airport in Forster in NSW (Called Wallis Island airport according to google maps) is still in use?

Apparently, Airlines of NSW used to fly a DC-3 service here up until the 1960s

Lucky Six
9th Mar 2012, 06:59
I believe so. I was in Tuncurry last August and remember reading something about it still being in use.

Safe Flying

9th Mar 2012, 07:57
This place is a combination of :- Wartime diused airfield,private strip,nature reserve,and picnic area.
The nornal rules would apply with regard to being careful as to the runway state for 'items', other than that it is a fantastic place in a spectacular location, with 'fixed' picnic tables for visitors.
My only surprise with Aus was it was far less 'bush aviation' than expected but i think NZ has that covered well.
We are quite well supplied with interesting places in the UK if you look around, and i think the LAA (PFA) types can enjoy themselves quite well with some of the more 'interesting' strips not all of which appear in any flying publication,but pop up in 'spotters' guides.

11th Mar 2012, 22:08
No not Airlines of NSW but Butler Air Transport. I only know this as my father was one of their captains and I remember taking a flight and subsequent boat ride.

Feather #3
11th Mar 2012, 23:03
From memory, the last a/c which ANSW flew there were F27's before the subsidy stopped and the roads improved.

We were fishing in the Lake over a few days and favourably recalling the strip, decided to "circumnavigate" Wallis Island. Summary; it's bigger than you think!!:eek:

G'day ;)