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5th Mar 2012, 15:03
Hi, I wonder if I can pick your brains. I've recently emptied a relative's house and have come across an original 1928 KLM Poster with a lovely picture of a Fokker VIII.

There's a picture of it here:
Aviation Posters (http://posters.navtech.aero/pages/00175.html)

I'm trying to find some kind of specialist antiques company that deal with aviation to get it valued but have no idea where to start. Searching the net didn't come up with much.

Does anyone have an idea? Being a pilot I'm really tempted to keep it but I'm just a bit intrigued...

Many thanks

8th Mar 2012, 07:00
In the Feb 2012 issue of "Aeroplane Monthly", page 87, similar posters are reported to have sold at auction at Christie's, South Kensington.

Perhaps Christie's have a valuation service.

8th Mar 2012, 08:00
I should warn you that it's not unique - we have an identical poster on one of the walls in my office.

8th Mar 2012, 16:10
Thanks guys. I realise there's probably others out there but surely not that many that are originals from the 1920s. Cheers.