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roni hod
4th Mar 2012, 07:42
Hello my name is Ronnie and I have a commercial pilot license in Israel.
I want to convert the European license Can anyone recommend me where should I do the conversion?
I want to make the conversion in Eastern Europe does anyone know tell me about the recommended school in Eastern Europe?

4th Mar 2012, 13:37

If you have an Israeli ALTP, why don't you try Arkia, Israir or EL AL? If you have already decided on converting to an EASA, have you tried any reputable schools in the UK that will allow a distance learning package perhaps?

roni hod
4th Mar 2012, 16:44
i dont have atpl i have just the cpl and i want to convert to the jaa frozen atpl
do you know where can i do it in europe in a good school and not expensive too much ?

5th Mar 2012, 13:02
I'm sure there are a few but I could only recommend the UK schools as that is all I was exposed to. Bristol Flying School is high on my list of reputable schools. You should see if they do a distance learning package.

Chag Sameach

roni hod
11th Mar 2012, 05:55
can some tell me please if i can steel convert my israeli license to the jaa frozen atpl in usa ?
i heard that there is going to be some changes with caa and easa
can some one please help me with that information please?

roni hod
14th Mar 2012, 14:11
please help ???
can anybody tell me if i can steel do the convertion fron icao israeli cpl to the jaa frozen atpl in schools in the usa ? i preparing to go to do that at the orlando flight training(flyoft)
somebody knows if i can steel do it there with the new rules that is going to be with easa in the 8 of april ?
please someone??

14th Mar 2012, 17:09

You're about to spend a lot of money on something you don't know much about (with all due respect). I would recommend calling the flight school, calling a JAR licensing authority such as the UK CAA or the Irish IAA. Maybe also taking a trip to the school in Orlando and see if it;s to your liking because once you're out there it's too late.

17th Mar 2012, 15:46
Ronnie, if you want to do it in Eastern Europe, I can give you some feedback in regards to the Romanian flight schools. I believe the most reliable for such a conversion would be Regional Air Services located in Tuzla, near Constanta. Their website is Scoala de pilotaj (http://www.scoaladepilotaj.ro/) You can find some information on their website regarding fleet and costs.

If you need any advice regarding living in Romania I can help you with information and tips, living in Constanta is considerable cheaper than living in Bucharest.

There are quite a few Israelis living in Romania too :) I also speak hebrew if it helps :)

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