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3rd Mar 2012, 04:57

A mate of mine and I are planning a flight from Cairns to Horn Island (Weipa etc) around the end of the month (March). We will have two machines, and have remote flying experience (and the required gear).

Any advice on fuel, places to stay, where to eat, sightseeing, dangers, etc would be greatly appreciated.

We are planning to be in the area for 5 days or so. I have flown around Cooktown & Lizard Island before - spectacular part of Aus.

Arrrj :ok:

Ascend Charlie
3rd Mar 2012, 07:44
Stuff-all to do on Horny Island. Maybe stay in the Wondai Motel, and take a ferry trip over to Thursday Island to see the museum, get a coffee (nothing drinkable on Horn), watch the underwater geckos drifting along as the tidal rush goes by. A beer will cost $7++ so try not to be thirsty.

At Weipa, the Albatross Motel used to be OK but the last time I stayed there was 1976, so perhaps things have changed....:eek:

3rd Mar 2012, 10:52
Piston or Turbine?

The Musgrave roadhouse is a good place to get fuel on the peninsula. The drums lying around there all belong to different pilots/companies, not the roadhouse, but you should be able to get in touch with the owners if you call the roadhouse a few weeks in advance. Most of it is 100LL but there might be some JET-A as well. Apparently there is also a truck that delivers/fills drums on a fairly regular basis. Although the roads might still be a bit wet.

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