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1st Mar 2012, 07:21
I have just been trying to connect to Air Cadet Central
and receive a message "server not found", and I cannot get onto the Forum, although I can sometimes open the Home Page.
Anyone know if this site is closed or having problems?


1st Mar 2012, 08:11
It does seem very "fragile" for some reason and is often down. That said, I've accessed it most days recently at some time or other......

Edited to add: but not right now - just tried! (but it was OK last night)

And I would add that it is a very unofficial website for the Air Cadets - probably bears the same relationship to them as pprune does to the RAF .....;)

1st Mar 2012, 11:02
Thanks. I can live without it, but they seemed nice people when I first joined.
I tried to contact the administrator by email but it bounced.


1st Mar 2012, 11:19
Its odd, I can get straight in to the forums at Air Cadet Central • Index page (http://forums.aircadetcentral.net/) but not into the main site.

1st Mar 2012, 12:56
What is worrying is that when I try to access the forum now I get:

Sorry, Connections from your IP address are not permitted on this web site

and that I am "banned". What have I done wrong? I haven't tried to post for ages.

Does the email address [email protected] work? It doesn't for me.


2nd Mar 2012, 09:12

I got the main site on Google no problem. regards

2nd Mar 2012, 10:44
Morning T-21. I still get the same "server not found" message on aircadetcentral, but I can get in through Cadet-world.com. I still seem to be "banned" from the forum though. I have no idea why.