View Full Version : Qantas Connie -Southern Sun

29th Feb 2012, 01:58
Finally finished Southern Sun today. Oil on linen 45 x 60 cm. Hope you like it.




29th Feb 2012, 10:04
Rob..very nice, I can almost hear those big radials , that would look nice on any wall especially my office.

Peter R-B
Lancashire where we have Northern Rain, I am sure we would swop for your Sun:ok:

Spooky 2
29th Feb 2012, 10:12
Can't open your picture for some reason :ugh:

29th Feb 2012, 18:27
I doubt you'd want our southern rain. That's half the reason my paintings have taken so long to dry. Non stop around here.

Spooky, Can't imagine the link not opening but you could right click on the image place holder to locate my site perhaps?



29th Feb 2012, 21:01
Very nice piece of work-thanks for posting. Wish I could draw or paint, but I just have to satisfy myself with taking photos of aircraft.

1st Mar 2012, 18:52
Thank you SirFreddie. I'm working on an Air Nostalgia DC3 which may be ready in a few weeks.



1st Mar 2012, 23:45
Wonderful painting of a fabulous aircraft RobbyK. :ok::ok:

Super Cecil
2nd Mar 2012, 02:56
Would the Connie have visited Bankstown any time? I have an old piccie of some of AA's Beavers in the fifties at Bankston, the background looks zackery the same.

2nd Mar 2012, 03:28
Thanks Pig Boat.

Super Cec, This painting is actually comprised of several reference images, and I doubt any of them were taken in Oz actually. My original Southern Sun reference was taken in some tropical paradise. Two others I can't quite identify maybe Mauritius and possibly Bombay. Most of the pics of Qantas connies are almost worthless, almost as if I'd taken them all on my own 127 Box Brownie.

Super Cecil
2nd Mar 2012, 03:35
OK Kapitan Rob, in a month or so I'll show yoo thut piccie :8

2nd Mar 2012, 03:38
Indeed to. Would be great to see. Maybe I can use it as a reference to paint a Cargolux 747... "spot the difference". Cheers :ok::ok: