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24th Feb 2012, 10:03
Looking at job with Air Pacific . Anyone know how long before the 400 is phased out of service? as this is the job offer presented .

Hedo Rick
24th Feb 2012, 11:02
Very Very bad vibes from Air Pacific at the moment - so much so that their own pilots are even scared to use e-mail and it's rumored they've had their phones tapped, that's why you won't see much feed back on pprune from Air Pac pilots.

Management have implemented an industrial decree busting the union and harassing the workers.

Union Pilots being interrogated and arrested by police under false accusations - the CEO appears to have the backing of the military government in breaking up the pilots union and intimidating the workers.

God only knows why management are hell bent on destroying the Air Pacific Pilots Union. They are some of the lowest paid in the world and yet most of them still love their job and work hard at it. A 737 F/O gets $28,000 USD P.A. try find hard working crew for that ? What does DP want blood from a stone?

Think twice before going over there things are really really bad.

PILOT JAILED IN FIJI (http://www.coupfourandahalf.com/2011/10/all-eyes-on-fiji-again-over-accused-air.html)

Proof Air Pacific paid New York law firm to draft Essential Industries Decree (http://www.coupfourandahalf.com/2011/09/proof-air-pacific-paid-new-york-law.html)
Air Pacific CEO David Pflieger’s sham exposed with Alan Cook distancing himself from Fijian regime (http://rawfijinews.wordpress.com/2011/09/22/air-pacific-ceo-david-pfliegers-sham-exposed/)

AIR PACIFIC FIRST TO ATTACK WORKERS UNDER ILLEGAL ESSSENTIAL NATIONAL INDUSTRIES DECREE No.35 (http://www.thetorturewatch.com/1/post/2011/10/air-pacific-first-to-attack-workers-under-illegal-esssential-national-industries-decree-no35.html)

ABC News Coverage (http://www.abc.net.au/pm/content/2011/s3329001.htm)

More News Coverage (http://www.abc.net.au/news/2011-09-29/qantas-linked-to-fiji-anti-union-decree/3041906)

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