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22nd Feb 2012, 11:46
Heavylift Cargo Airlines Pty Ltd — NSW, Voluntary Administrations (http://www.insolvencyappointments.com.au/2012/01/heavylift-cargo-airlines-pty-ltd.html)

Who saw this coming?

tail wheel
22nd Feb 2012, 19:44
ACN 102 571 746
ABN 16 102 571 746

ACN 150 694 483

ACN 147 341 026
ABN 62 147 341 026

ACN 147 344 143
ABN 31 147 344 143

Are not in external administration.

23rd Feb 2012, 13:54
Perhaps there is a god afterall.

Heavy Cargo
23rd Feb 2012, 16:03
No god :cool:

24th Feb 2012, 05:22
I'm in no hurry and will watch and wait for the other associated companies to fall.

Heavy Cargo
24th Feb 2012, 05:38
Not happening BB ? You should get of the Island more often ( Australia ) the world is a big place.:D Did you see the C130 and Malaysian Air Freighter charters for HVY group in POM this week ?

24th Feb 2012, 07:09
While you are here Heavy Cargo, whats the story with the 737 in Brisbane? Is it ever going to fly or is it just a billboard?

Under Dog
24th Feb 2012, 09:25
Been Dodgeing the Hangmans noose for a long time now Nick, but I think he's just around the Corner!!!

The Dog:=

Cycling Fish
25th Feb 2012, 06:55
Whatever happened to the Belfast?

25th Feb 2012, 07:51
The Belslow has been for sale for a while. See here (http://www.pprune.org/freight-dogs/424622-shorts-belfast-sale.html).

25th Feb 2012, 11:46
Belfast sold by Heavylift Cargo last year to a new owner. The aircraft is languishing in Cairns waiting for its future. Heavylift logo and titles removed.

Heavy Cargo
27th Feb 2012, 07:51
HeavyLift A330F leased from MAS Singapore to POM on ground Port Moresby this time offloading mining cargo ?

27th Feb 2012, 09:14
Hows the 737 going HC? The nice sea breeze at Brisbane will soon sort it out. Planes don't like to sit around, they like to fly!

29th Feb 2012, 07:01
KARMA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

20th Dec 2013, 13:16
HC's DC-8 arrived BNE this evening.
Not registered in Philippines, ..,.not registered in Sierra Leone..... how about Peru!
Shipping llamas between POM and Oz, Nick?

21st Dec 2013, 02:11
Hmmm a while ago there was a company that was seeking "Expressions of interest for Investors" for x 2 DC-8's

Can't think of the company name at the moment

21st Dec 2013, 02:39
I believe the DC-8 will be flying supplies to the refo camp in Nauru.

21st Dec 2013, 04:19
I hope they can make ends meet flying around at and below FL280

dodo whirlygig
21st Dec 2013, 09:02
I hope they can make ends meet flying around at and below FL280

Why would they be below FL280?

Prince Niccolo M
21st Dec 2013, 11:54
RVSM or ADS-B perhaps?

21st Dec 2013, 11:58
ADS-B mandated now, baby. No ADS-B, no fly above FL280. Not across the continent, anyway. You apparently apply for an exemption for each single flight (with 2 weeks notice) to operate only within the east coast radar coverage "J-curve", and still a clearance above FL280 is at ATC discretion. Kind of eliminates short notice ad-hoc opportunistic charters anyway

dodo whirlygig
21st Dec 2013, 19:40
Not if they're going to Nauru as someone suggests - exempted airspace I recall.

Also understand that it is a single notification to CASA (as stated 14 days before commencing operation) to advise exempted operation status for the entire exemption period and not on a flight-by-flight basis. The exemption, as such, has already been granted.

CASA EX113/13 - Exemption - temporary relief from requirement to carry serviceable ADS-B transmitting equipment when operating in defined exempted airspace (http://www.comlaw.gov.au/Details/F2013L01837) refers.

Is it confirmed, anyway, that the DC-8 isn't ADSB compliant?

21st Dec 2013, 23:53
No place for facts in this forum, dodo!

I wonder if this brings back that almost extinct breed, the FE to the Aussie Aviation scene? Were any DC-8-70 srs reconfigured for just 2 tech crew?

22nd Dec 2013, 00:57
I don't think any DC8 were reconfigured to 2 crew. The CFM56 conversion was done way to early for that and by the time the DC10/MD10 conversions were coming online with Fedex, the DC8s were just about finished.

Also a lot of the US and South American "tramp" outfits also use the FE to certify transits and maintenance and most US PFEs have an A&P as well so there was no cost saving to do away with PFE.

In those companies who don't use a PFE, the 3rd man is a 3rd pilot.That was the situation for most 3 man cockpits for mainline US and South American airlines.It was only the American "tramps" and non scheds that in the end used PFEs for the above reason.


22nd Dec 2013, 11:40
What about Skyforce Aviation trading as Pionair Global? Don't Messrs Leach and Lee have a financial interest in this outfit? Are there any financial issues within this entity that is yet to come to light?
Either way I am confident that Nick will pop up again within another company that will be casually granted an AOC by CASA.

22nd Dec 2013, 21:45
Do Skyforce have an AOC for the jets yet? The scheduled start date was pushed back a few times.

22nd Dec 2013, 22:46
They haven't been moved in ages, so one would think not

Mach E Avelli
23rd Dec 2013, 00:18
It is highly unlikely that any of the above-mentioned entities would ever meet all the CASA compliance requirements to get an AOC here. I will be at room temperature long before any of them run jets on an Aussie AOC. It is unlikely that the Kiwis would entertain them either, so no fear of any monkey business via the TTMRA.
More likely, any operation would be a 'flag of convenience' arrangement.
A FAOC issued via another ICAO contracting state allowing operation to and from Australian ports of entry is easy enough, especially for freight. There are ICAO states, and then there are ICAO states..........
While no fan of these guys, can't say I would blame them for trying to get around CASA any which way.

23rd Dec 2013, 00:33
There are plenty of us nostalgic types just happy to see a DC-8 gracing the local aviation scene. We've had an interesting array of aero-dinasaurs try to make a go of it linking BNE and western Pacific islands over the past 15 or so years... B727, AN-12, IL-18, Yak42, Belfast, ... that CL-44G thing looked like it was really going to happen for a while too.,....

23rd Dec 2013, 05:05
Absolutely, i'll drink to that. TwoFiftyBelowTen.:)

Fris B. Fairing
23rd Dec 2013, 05:37
B727, AN-12, IL-18, Yak42, Belfast

Not to mention DC-4 VH-PAF.

When An-12s were a regular sight at BNE some preferred to call it Sharjah South.

23rd Dec 2013, 12:11
My understanding that SkyForce Aviation has got nothing to do with NL?

24th Dec 2013, 21:20
Speaking of AN-12's one here this am.UR-CAH.:)

30th Dec 2013, 00:07
You're 100% right - Skyforce has nothing to do with NL - never has, never will:=

5th Jan 2014, 23:12
Well she has departed Port Moresby at last, the locals were wondering how many saucepans could be had from the old girl!

7th Jan 2014, 01:29
Where was she bound for?
Is it for Tuna to Japan etc?

7th Jan 2014, 01:42
What's the reg?

7th Jan 2014, 03:40
The DC-8 rego is OB-2059-P. Well that was what it was registered on the 20/10/2013. I think it's rego changed a few times over the last few months.
Was sitting at Pom Jacksons for about 5 months. Looked real nice. One day I will work out how to put photos on PPRuNe. I also have photos of the DC-4 mentioned in prior posts that was tooling around the PNG sky a few years back. As the CAA inspector said of it there goes another museum piece, as it lumbered smoking it's way relying on the earths curvature.

7th Jan 2014, 05:21
Was it Aergo? Brokers in Brisbane

25th Apr 2014, 12:38
Aergo seems to have there finger in a bit..

Our Airline through Nauru
Peru with the DC8

Are they a broker or is there more to it?

26th Apr 2014, 23:22
The DC8 has done 8 flights BNE-INU-BNE now with last one on Friday.Talk of more aircraft.

chimbu warrior
26th Apr 2014, 23:33
It looks like a very well maintained example, and for carrying a decent load a fair distance, the economics of the DC-8-73 would be hard to beat.

Is it linked to Peruvian Airlines, or is the callsign "Peruvian" another operator?

29th Apr 2014, 14:10
The DC8 has done 8 flights BNE-INU-BNE now with last one on Friday

I hope the T-VASIS was working on Nauru for the DC8 landing. A bit tricky otherwise, especially at night . In days or nights of yore the T-VASIS was highly unreliable due vandals breaking lamps in the boxes with stones from catapults or jumping on the boxes. Beer bottles occasionally placed on the centreline of the runway were no help, either. Fosters beer cans reflected well in the landing lights. They would have made good emergency runway lights if someone had thought about it especially if the standby airport generator had run out of fuel.

29th Apr 2014, 14:24
Hasn't been a T-vasis at Nauru for quite some time.

But the PAPI has been working well for over 6 months.

20th Nov 2014, 20:04
Alive and kicking
Australia's Heavylift Cargo to source another DC 8 freighter - ch-aviation.com (http://www.ch-aviation.com/portal/news/32992-australias-heavylift-cargo-to-source-another-dc-8-freighter)

What's happened with the OB-2059-P? It's standing idle for more then a month now!

27th Feb 2017, 12:47
The end is nigh for Short Belfast "Hector" at Cairns....
Short Belfast status - Cairns Airport - Updated to Feb 2017 (http://forum.keypublishing.com/showthread.php?132129-Short-Belfast-status-Cairns-Airport-Updated-to-Feb-2017) :uhoh: :{ :(

Duck Pilot
27th Feb 2017, 21:44
Are they good to break up the other derelict aircraft at Cairns as well?

28th Feb 2017, 10:26
what other derlict aircraft is there

Duck Pilot
28th Feb 2017, 10:35
Few GA twins parked/pushed into the grass, north of the ex Cape York hangar.