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20th Feb 2012, 18:13
Hi. I am choosing my subjects for next year (my last year at school). Maths and physics are my weak points. Weak points as in hopeless :ugh: haha

So I was wondering, are there any subjects that would benefit my piloting career path that aren't maths or physics?

Thanks :}

Jerry Lee
20th Feb 2012, 18:47
Hmm... Geography or something related to meteorology?

20th Feb 2012, 20:24
Just pick the subjects you are likely to get the best results in. Yes maths and physics do help, but overall, employers are more interested to see those A's on your CV than a poor set of results that will not help in getting a job. Same in any job really!! If you have studied maths and physics at GCSE level and got half decent results, I don't see there to be an issue in sitting other exams at a higher level. Anyway most of the maths and physics you do is of GCSE standard!! :)

20th Feb 2012, 21:13
Could I once again ask you to use the Search function to look for previous posts? :ok:

There are numerous threads regarding educational requirments for this profession and nearly all the questions that you have posted have been asked and answered quite recently.

You will need a sound understanding of both Mathematics and Physics to pursue a career as a Pilot if you are to pass the examinations and know what is happening around you.

I'm closing the thread but PM me if you have any questions left after your research.


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