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14th Feb 2012, 01:58
From the Herald (Sun), April 1986.


14th Feb 2012, 02:34
Thanks for sharing that, it was very interesting. I had no idea they were testing an N series way back in 1986. Must have been a little disappointing to have had to stick with the C series for so long after testing that.

Love the comment about heat-seeking missles.

industry insider
14th Feb 2012, 02:41
I would like to see a demonstration of the 1500kg winch.....

14th Feb 2012, 03:12
We've come a long way with cameras since then. They could read a rego from 300 metres. Nowdays we can read a car rego from Space!

Saint Jack
14th Feb 2012, 09:03
The Singapore registered Dauphin in the newspaper article is a demonstrator belonging to Samaero (just visible on the engine cowls), which was part of Eurocopter. Apart from a very brief period in the early 1980's with an AS350, they were never an operator. Samaero began business at Seletar Airport and moved to a purpose-built facility at the Loyang Industrial Estate when it was developed to be a centalised location for aviation support companies. This concept has fallen by the wayside as more companies, including Samaero, now re-named as Eurocopter SE Asia and Bell Helicopter Asia move to the newly created Seletar Aerospace Park.

14th Feb 2012, 09:27
"It is pretty, it is fast, let's buy some!" one pilot said

Well, at least what the pilots want hasn't changed a lot...

John Eacott
14th Feb 2012, 09:57
Carry 12 armed men :oh:

I wonder who believes some of the tripe that car salesmen make up, or news reporters actually believe :p

And by the time the night sun, winch and FLIR were bolted on the cruise speed was just a little slower than quoted, too........

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