View Full Version : Pawnee loses wheel, cow loses life!

fauteuil volant
12th Feb 2012, 16:41
I posted the following request for information on the ag flying etc. sub-forum. But it occurs to me that those who lurk on this sub-forum may be as or more likely to know the answer to this one. So please forgive me for posting the same request twice.

Can anyone help me with the identity of the Pawnee and/or more information concerning this incident, which gets no more than a brief mention in Tim Webb's 'Shoreham Airport Sussex' and does not appear to receive mention elsewhere (at least, not on the web or any text to which I have access at present). So what I have is:

"May 8th 1970: Robert Sharpe, a crop spraying pilot, took off from Golding Barn Farm [West Sussex] in a Piper Pawnee 235. A cow ran in front of him and knocked off a wheel, so Sharpe decided to make a one wheel landing at Shoreham. He survived: the cow did not".

Can anyone add to this?