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Son of a Beech
10th Feb 2012, 20:08
I just read that jet aviation received an approval for the use of iPad in flight. does anybody know what kind of mount they use. Kneeboard, fixed or handheld?

JET AVIATION DUSSELDORF APPROVES iPad INFLIGHT | Bart International Europe (http://www.bartintl.com/content/jet-aviation-dusseldorf-approves-ipad-inflight)

Coolmore M.
10th Feb 2012, 21:28
Do I need an approval from a Part 21 organization (engineering) to use an ipad? Makes no sense at all, from my understanding this is an operational approval (except any hardware installed on the aircraft). Furthermore the text says " eliminating the need to read paper charts ", which does not mean that you have not to carry hard copies during flights.

Below text is copied from TGL 36

5.1.1 Class 1
Class 1 EFB systems are:
Generally Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS)-based computer systems used for aircraft operations,
Connect to aircraft power through a certified power source,
Not attached to an aircraft mounting device,
Considered as a controlled PED,
Normally without aircraft data connectivity except under specific condition (see Section 6),
Class 1 EFB systems do not require airworthiness approval.

Son of a Beech
10th Feb 2012, 22:31
Well, if you read some more in TGL 36 you wil find out that under these conditions a class one EFB can't be used during critical phases of flight. Use during critical phase of flight is a require if you want to have a paperless solution. If you want to use it under critical phases of flight you need EMI, rapid decompression and battery testing done.

For use of type B software (charts) you need to have a fixed mount (either class 2 mount or kneeboard). I heard of some authorities that say you don't need to have a mount as long as you store the EFB before reaching critical phase of flight. Since we have to use kneeboards, I would like to find out who doesn't so we can use them as an example to our authorities that maybe we don't have to do so either.

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