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Mr BlueSky
7th Feb 2012, 01:02
Joint USAAF/US Navy Fighter Conference in Florida, United States in Mar 1943

Does anyone know if this had a contingent of British aircraft represented by a Firefly, two Mosquitos and a Whirlwind?

And if so what was the name of the base?

Anyone have a list of Fighter Conferences held in the States between 1942 - 1944

Many thanks


7th Feb 2012, 07:10
Maybe you can find a trace of P6994 here
"Report of Joint Fighter Conference" NAS Patuxent River, MD - 16-23 October 1944 by Francis H Dean

7th Feb 2012, 13:58
You probably know this already but, just in case, here is an extract from Victor Bingham's book "Whirlwind":

P6994 To 51 MU 24.01.41. To 263 Sqn 13.02.41. Returned to works 29.03.41 and again 01.11.41.
To MU on 14.02.42 then shipped to the USA on 05.06.42.

Mr BlueSky
7th Feb 2012, 18:33
Ah, apparently it's Eglin AAF. home to USAAF Proving Ground Command...

I put another thread over at the Keys site, thanks wieesso & JW411...:ok:

Now I'm hoping that some sort of evaluation report for each aircraft was written at the time, would that be a fair conclusion? If so any idea what they might have called them, the report that is...;)