View Full Version : Query re Aztec 5B-CBG & Apache G-APLJ

2nd Feb 2012, 14:15
I was wondering if anyone could help me regarding two light aircraft used by Airwork. One is Aztec 5B-CBG. As this was Cyprus registered from 1971-74, I am trying to confirm if it was used in the Middle East (Saudi/Oman/Bahrain/UAE) during this period?
The other is Apache G-APLJ which was registered to Fison-Airwork in Feb 1960 and I trying to confirm if this was used in Nigeria on behalf of UAC at all?

Any help greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks

2nd Feb 2012, 15:46
I was in Oman in 76...dont recall an aztec missing Salalah but do remember Mothercats Cessna 310s going AWOL for a few hours now and again. (Both were N reg)
Carvair G-AREK working for Pauling Middle East was hauling cement around Oman at this time

2nd Feb 2012, 18:26
Bigt - please check your PMs