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1st Feb 2012, 15:16
Ok, this is my second attempt to get this uploaded so hopefully it works. I bought a photo album with all types of a/c from the pacific in WWII. I came across this photo and can't quite figure out what it is. Can anyone shed some light on exactly what it is?


1st Feb 2012, 15:21

de Havilland Dragon Rapide - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/De_Havilland_Dragon_Rapide)

1st Feb 2012, 15:21
A de Havilland Dragon Rapide, I would think.

1st Feb 2012, 15:25
It's a DH 86 Express. The Rapides only had two engines. This one is probably, if taken in the Pacific, one that was requisitioned by the RNZAF fron NZ Union Airways and fitted with bomb racks.

1st Feb 2012, 15:30
More than likely it is a De Havilland D.H.86 or 86B. the B model had small auxiliary fins on the tailplane which it is difficult to see. Several were used by the RAF,primarily to train wireless operators,but a couple were used by 24 Squadron, probably in the Middle East rather than the Pacific,unless it`s a civilian one comandeered by the RAAF/RNZAF..others may know better...

F-E-D,beat me to it..Ahhh DeHav..can you just hear the melodic melifluosity of four Gipsy 6s(hoping they`re well synchronised..!) passing overhead...

1st Feb 2012, 15:33
Third pic down is of an Aussie DH 86 Express.

De Havilland DH 86 Express aircraft profile. Aircraft Database of the Fleet Air Arm Archive 1939-1945 (http://www.fleetairarmarchive.net/aircraft/DH86.htm)

1st Feb 2012, 15:40
The DH86 appears to have a red cross painted underneath the centre section. If so this suggests one of several DH86 & DH86B taken over by the RAAF from civilian operators of which one A31-1, is reported to have served in New Guinea with No 2 Air Ambulance Unit in 1944 - which seems to tie in with being in a Pacific photo collection.

1st Feb 2012, 16:55
Thanks guys, I really appreciate the input.

2nd Feb 2012, 10:31
TxTD.........Thanks for posting the photograph. I admire your skill at being able to make it appear on our screens.....!!!

I have checked through the history of the Australian deH 86s (John Hamlin's book The deH Dragon/Rapide Family). Eight were registered to the RAAF during the course of WWII. A31-1 to A31-8.

A31-1, -3, -4, -7 & -8 were converted to air ambulances.

A31-1 & A31-4 served in New Guinea, so it would seem your photo shows one of these.

A31-3, A31-7 & A31-8 served in Egypt. (-8 for only about 4 months).

Hope this proves to be of interest...........


2nd Feb 2012, 15:21
Here is a photograph of A31-7 from Australia's Military Aircraft by Ross Gillett. Although the picture that TxTD posted is not that clear, I think you can just about see the small (red) crosses inboard of the roundel under the wings.
It was formerly G-ADEA and Austrlain civil.


PS: I have just seen that this photo is from the Australian War Memorial
AC0043 | Australian War Memorial (http://cas.awm.gov.au/photograph/AC0043)

2nd Feb 2012, 15:27
Wow, Thanks Planemike. That info is pretty detailed. I have a few more photographs that have peaked my interest. When I get a chance later today, I'll be more than happy to upload them.

2nd Feb 2012, 19:22
AX840 was lost whilst flying near Bell Rock when on a training excercise by gunfire from a Royal Navy minesweeper

That's what happened to a British one.

If its got one engine, its a Messerschmitt; two, its a Heinkel; four, its a Condor.

2nd Feb 2012, 19:47
The caption below talks about.."inherent design problems which were not fully revealed until almost half a century later."

What was revealed?

http://img834.imageshack.us/img834/3990/img427h.jpg (http://img834.imageshack.us/i/img427h.jpg/)

Sir George Cayley
2nd Feb 2012, 20:46
If only there was one flying today. sigh:{


2nd Feb 2012, 20:51
Oh, a very LOUD hear, hear to that !!!! Such a shame that CZP was not rescued from Spain.