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24th Jan 2012, 10:33
I'm not the only one whose seriously annoyed at this new Firefox accelerated release cycle. Every release throws up a few quirks and issues and not to mention UI changes. All I ask for is consistency but at the risk of losing security I can't keep an old version. They don't have an LTS version out yet (though they're planning to). I'm now on v9 at both home and at work and I've found a new bug.

Since I use "real" English (i.e. English UK), I've had to install the British dictionary for spell-checking. Turns out both my FF installations keep forgetting that my default language is English UK and keep telling me "colour" is not a real word :mad:

There is also a secondary bug related to this: each time I manually change the language (right click in text box, click Languages, select English (UK)) it does not change it the first time. You need a second click through.

Anyone else faced this issue, and is there a workaround?

green granite
24th Jan 2012, 10:58
It doesn't like 'harbour' either and insists on spelling some words with a 'Z'

Right clicking in the text box select 'languages>English UK. works for me the first time but I'm running V10b so it may be different.

24th Jan 2012, 14:56
I guess my 3.6.13 comes from the Ark. It can spel gud tho. ;)

le Pingouin
24th Jan 2012, 17:55
You could manually download the en _GB localised version. Generally available fairly promptly after the main en_US release.

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