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pax britanica
14th Jan 2012, 10:12
Anyone have any idea what I saw overfly Camberley at 1000 today. Looked like a LHR outbound but red Emirates like underbody broad strip ,red engines and tail.Looked like B767 but coulld not be sure. Checked the Flight Aware type sites and nothign matched except an Arik 737 but track shown well north of me.Just curious - and thanks in advance.I should have been clearing out my garage but I still cannot help succumbing to the same distractions I did 50 years ago .

Hotel Tango
14th Jan 2012, 10:38
It was an Delta Air Lines B767 in special cols.

N845MH Pink Colour Scheme | Flickr - Photo Sharing! (http://www.flickr.com/photos/globespan767/6006840382/)

Big Eric
14th Jan 2012, 10:52
That's the one ! DL005 from Heathrow to Detroit.

pax britanica
14th Jan 2012, 12:31
Many thanks guys-I did see DL4 and DL5 on Flightradar and both looked like the right sort of track but of course the colours fooled me. Looked very smart-much redder looking than in the pictures but thats probably the low sun on a chilly morning.
Thanks once again

pax britanica
14th Jan 2012, 15:22
Bit of a cheek twice in one day but any ideas ona heavy turboprop around 1445 turning south overhead Blackbushe -Russian?

Hotel Tango
14th Jan 2012, 19:29
Can't help with a positive I/D on that one, but most likely an Antonov AN-12 cargo flight.

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