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15th Apr 2001, 14:55
Looking for some information on a court case that occured some time last year. The case was between a foreign licence holder (from memory the licence holder was an Australian)and the British CAA.
My understanding of the situation is that the foreign licence holder applied for a UK licence and was refused one (although he had a validation on his existing licence) and succesfully persued it through the courts.

Anyone have any more on this?

15th Apr 2001, 15:02
Urban Legends, my friend! The Campaign Against Aviators NEVER loses in Brit Courts!

Hew Jampton
15th Apr 2001, 15:53
They lost three in a row when Flying Lawyer was on the defence!

15th Apr 2001, 16:31
Thanks Hew Jampton

Is Flying Lawyer available to comment? Has he heard of this case?

Regards Elli

18th Apr 2001, 16:08
Would be "exceptionally" interested in hearing from Flying Lawyer.......

RU there?????

18th Apr 2001, 23:12
One of our crews met Flying Lawyer on a flight to the States - he was going skiing in Colorado over Easter.
If you do a Search for one of his posts, and check Profile, he gives his e-mail address.
You could e-mail him, if you have a good reason.