View Full Version : Questions about Offshore (crew member)

30th Dec 2011, 08:49
Good morning,

I'm 23yo, owner of a Part-66 B1.3 Licence (willing to get also the B2) but no TR for the moment.

I've been working on AS 365 N2/N3, EC 145, MD Explorer and EC 120 for 2 years in a Part-145

Then I worked as HEMS Crew Member on Explorer and now i'm doing power line survey (30 Kv) on Bell 206 and CAMO tasks.

At the moment, I've about 1100 Flights Hours as crew member, driving licence and emergency care course, etc....

Since a few months i'm wondering about applying in an Offshore company, especially as HHO.

Can somebody help me to get an idea of the ideal profile to do Offshore/SAR as crewmember ?

What course/experience do I need to have a chance to get a HHO job in a Offshore/SAR company! ?

Can you also give me details about the duties and the shifts in theses missions ?

Thanks in advance

Fly safe !

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