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The Golden Rivet
27th Dec 2011, 02:55
Hi fellow pruners, I've moved down from Brisbane to Melbourne and have spent the last seven years with the Redcliffe Aero Club as a pilot flying the odd hour and as a club member, just wondering on some recommendations on flying in Melbourne, I've checked out r.v.a.c and they've got a good fleet.? I've no intention of upskilling my ppl in the short term, although maybe nvfr...
I used to fly with wings at essendon and got my restricted with Bmsa at Bacchus marsh many years ago, im just after a friendly place with good instructors when it's required....

Help? :)

27th Dec 2011, 04:07
Try Pearson aviation at Essendon :ok:
Knowledgeable instructors, good fleet that is well maintained and a really friendly mob.

27th Dec 2011, 04:23
If you're not after the social side, try some of the smaller schools out of Moorabbin. Just do a drive around and get some prices. Some schools even with the Indian students sometimes have a spare plane available for private hire at a reasonable price.

27th Dec 2011, 07:19
I used to work at a school with Indian students and there were plenty of spare aircraft. They (the students)were often late or didn't show up at all for their bookings.

27th Dec 2011, 07:32
I did some upgrade work at MFT at Moorabbin and can't recommend them enough. Very helpful and acommodating staff from the top down, really good bunch of blokes I found and have recently done some recurrent training there as well. :ok:

27th Dec 2011, 07:45
Vortex air mate, great instructors and excellent training !

27th Dec 2011, 08:49
Peninsula Aero Club @<hidden> Tyabb

Own their own airstrip (without the hassles & costs of MB or EN), well kitted out with a 'ppl-fleet' and good social activites - bar open every friday night, club dinner every sunday night and regular comp days etc.

Any commercially operated school doesn't really have a vested interest in the social side any more as there is little money in that. Back when I was a student at BMSA's moorabbin cousin, there were regular social events, flyaways etc but I don't know of any schools that still do that with a focus on PPLs.


just a dumb pilot
27th Dec 2011, 20:40
If you have already visited RVAC have you compared the rates they charge and taken into account the member benefits they offer. I understand that they have discounts for full membership and include AFRs at solo rates every two years. RVAC also have the only licenced facility at Moorabbin whiich has a reputation for great meals and a fabulous view of the runways. If there is an airport closer to where you live by all means check it out but for a PPL holder who just wants to fly and socialize a club is the way to go.

Old Akro
27th Dec 2011, 22:45
The best school is the one that you feel happiest learning from. Any school worth considering will be pleased to take time to talk with you. I'd take half a day and do the rounds.

If you are primarily looking to hire (rather than do a rating), make sure you look at the aeroplanes. Won't take long to get a feel for how the school treats them. Some schools bolster their hire list with cross hire aircraft, so look at what's actually out the front and available for everyday hire. A club (eg RVAC or PAC at Tyabb) may have a better selection for private hire, although MFS has an excellent fleet.

If you are doing trips with passengers, its better to have aircraft that present well and give your passengers confidence with an office that has a nice friendly environment for your friends to wait.

You might also like to consider a share in an aircraft. The Melb Aviation group has an Archer II and a 182T. From memory they have 38 shareholders at something like $12k per share. I think Brian Jones (Brian Jones Aircraft Sales Centre, aircraft for sale. (http://www.aircraftsalescentre.com.au)) is listing a 1/4 share of a Lance.

If you meet the minimum experience requirements, Mark Howe at Blue Demon has some Bonanza's and such like for hire.

28th Dec 2011, 00:10
I second Pearson's at Essendon, Very friendly instructors and crew they also have very nice clean and well maintained fleet.

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