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26th Dec 2011, 15:54
My house, in Wettenhall, South cheshire (very near Oulton Park), is on the flight path for non-commercial light traffic going north to south - we have had the Vulcan nearby before en route to the lakes and regularly get army helicopters flying overhead. On Wednesday (21st) in the early afternoon, I was sat upstairs when something flew over, very low indeed, with a tremendous zoom but by the time I got to a window, whatever it it was had long gone. Now, from the sounds of it, it was something piston engined, prop driven and very, very fast - I'm thinking some sort of warbird hence posting in this board. I know it is a very long shot, but does anyone have a clue as to what the traffic on that route in this vicinity was that day (or indeed Tuesday and Thursday in case my memory is playing tricks)?
Is there a way to look up the air traffic control logs for a given area?



26th Dec 2011, 16:30

You could try posting in the appropriate section of this Forum, covers your local area (and more):- Welcome to North West Air News (http://www.nwan.co.uk/index.html)


26th Dec 2011, 16:56
Thanks mike, I didn't know about that board!!

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