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14th Apr 2001, 23:28
Anyone else received an unsolicited application form from airtours via the post today ? Covering letter is from flight ops.

Whossat Forrus
15th Apr 2001, 01:31
C'n ave yours?

15th Apr 2001, 03:14
No problem - just send it back to Airoturs with a polite note thanking them for their trouble, but explaining that since all your hours are genuine, that in itself must be enough to put you "outside the frame". (Any news on said case BTW?)

E cam
15th Apr 2001, 16:20
Dear Chief Pilot,

Thankyou for your interest. I am not interested at the moment but your letter will be kept on file. Should I subsequently advertise, you are wellcome to re-apply.

(best done as a grotty photocopy of a standard letter)

15th Apr 2001, 18:45
Please can you ask them to put me on their mailing list!


15th Apr 2001, 23:29

You can forward it to me unless you have binned it already........

Homer ;)

Duff, Duff, that Wonderful stuff. Ummmmm Doughnuts

16th Apr 2001, 01:10
Hey Sledge send us a copy!

Better still I`ve got the 757 on my licence I`ll send them a cv, lets see how disorganised they have become.


All leave is cancelled until morale improves.

Never confuse experience with competence

16th Apr 2001, 01:16
The 757 on your licence means nothing whizzjet. Now if you used to fly Jaguars.....

16th Apr 2001, 13:38
They are probably looking for more DC10 crews so they can waste more money training them and then letting them stay at home for months, whilst the aircraft amass morE paking fee's at MAN.

16th Apr 2001, 18:05
If you read "zog's" recent topic on "What the Pilots at Airtours think" then you will understand their managements desperation in "cold calling".
After the result of the ongoing and overdue pay negotiations are made known I think there will be a need for a lot more "cold calling" later this year as their long serving flight deck crews are finding themselves more and more left behind on the industry average.

Gentleman Aviator
16th Apr 2001, 18:25
Who do you think that the No. 1 IT operator to work for at the moment is Gorilla?

Leaving the RAF soon and keen to know who the guys within the industry would recommend. Surprised to hear about Airtours; their presentation at the BALPA Job Conference in October was first-class. Many of the military chaps who were there were impressed by what they heard......seems a shame if there is a general level of unhappiness within the company.


16th Apr 2001, 20:19
There are five hundred plus pilots in the Company - don't be put off by the few that would moan where ever they were.

16th Apr 2001, 21:56

the time has finally come has it? Most of the major IT bods have similar packages and route structures but the big diff is roster stability. Brits is very good now since they brought in block windows and Monarchs is ok. I've heard JMC and Airtours rosters leave something to be desired. Don't know about Air 2000.

Flak jkt on!

16th Apr 2001, 22:40
Offset, I fail to see how my remarks could be construed as "moaning". The recent survey conducted within the pilot workforce at "The Touring Company" came up with some pretty damning statistics. Gentleman Aviator can draw his own conclusions from them.
The company would be on a par with other IT operators with its initial financial package. Death in Service benefits are lower than average however. The point to consider is that the company's annual incremental increases are below the industry average and stop anyway after ten years. After being with the company for just a couple of years you will "feel the draft". these are not moans but hard facts.
"If you don't like the heat get out of the kitchen" has always been my attitude to people who constantly moan about their employment, but it does seem sad that there is no reward for long and diligent service within the company.
On the plus side:
Good choice of aircraft and bases.
Good command prospects.
Interesting route structure with stopovers in wide range of destinations.
You sit alongside the some of the most pleasant aviators in the business.
..................none of which pays my mortgage (is that another moan?)

16th Apr 2001, 23:15
I heard that JMC rosters were spot on actually !

tin tin
17th Apr 2001, 00:40
jmc rosters are consistently late, they are supposed to be published in the middle of the preceeding month but generaly emerge about 7 days before you start flying that roster. Also there is almost zero night stops for the 320/757.

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Gentleman Aviator
17th Apr 2001, 11:51

Glad to hear that you are alive and well...hopefully a little less paperwork in your new job?!

Always difficult to know who to try to target for employment. Clearly it would be difficult to carry out detailed study of every airline in the UK for potential interview. In addition it would seem to be unfair wasting the time of busy airline recruitment staff.

I imagine that when it comes down to the 'vinegar strokes' in the final month or so before departure from QFC, such informed choices are irrelevant - mortgage to pay, I'll work for anyone! However, in the stress-free 12 month lead in I thought that I would try to find where the happiest crews were.

Stupid question time! : Are Brits BA, Brittania or someone else? TVM

GA :)

17th Apr 2001, 12:04
No such thing as a stupid question in our busines GA, Brits (in this case, and for that matter almost always) = Britannia.

Best of luck.


17th Apr 2001, 23:25
i submitted an application form last year but told to reapply this month, april.

Did any of you chaps who have been approached apply previously?

Captain Slack Bladder
18th Apr 2001, 01:50
AIH still offer excellent prospects. About 3 years to Command for folks with the right experience. OK, join BY with all the bells and whistles, but your arse will be firmly in the starboard side for many years. A 10 year head start in the airbridge side will pay a big dividend. Tally Ho, last one back's a homo.

18th Apr 2001, 18:38
Certainly not a moan Big Black Hairy Thing, more a gentle wheeze with an upbeat note at the end. One that can easily be concurred with into the bargin.
Nice folks, interesting routes,reasonable equpment,good command prospects, sounds OK to me.

19th Apr 2001, 03:39
After my last bank statement.......Big GREY hairy thing!

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Pete O'Tube
19th Apr 2001, 22:22

Is that a nick-name from your previous life??

Did you associate with a man who has a bad taste in sports jackets with a large BRAIN!!

If so drop me an e-mail.

Gentleman Aviator
19th Apr 2001, 22:37
All the guys I know or knew who were called 'Sledge' got the name because they were pulled by dogs!!


1 of many
20th Apr 2001, 00:12
Nice one Gentleman, I didn't realise that - by, I have had a sheltered life.