View Full Version : How long will the current (2011) JAA IR exams run for?

5th Dec 2011, 14:53
I am aware that new versions of the 7 exams came out roughly August 2011.

I sat these myself but as I started in April I did all 7 in the previous version.

What will happen to the "new version" exams after EASA FCL takes over in April 2012?

Will the 2-year life of the passes (counting from the last exam pass) remain so?

When will the ability to do the TK in one country, the flight training in another, and the flight test in another, come in?

When will the CAA stop using the window screens?

Sorry for all the questions, and I know much of this is in a state of flux :) It was all going to happen April 2012 but there have been various derogations and I can't keep track of them all.

I am aware of the "FCL008 IR" but that has a long way to run and AFAIK the TK for that is not currently defined.

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