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1st Dec 2011, 17:59
Anybody flying as captain on A330 with China Southern?
Agencies are recruiting more and more, but is the position good?
The contract conditions respected?
How is it possible to travel on CSN's network to home? Contract says economy class but do you easily get Business or First? (important for 10hrs+flight)
How is the accomodation in CAN?
Is the working environment friendly and professional?
All informations welcome

1st Dec 2011, 18:14
There was just another thread where a dude warned to stay away from Air China.

1st Dec 2011, 23:31
Stay away from China Southern.Very difficult to deal with Chinese Instructors and FO's.Captains travel in economy class.:=

2nd Dec 2011, 02:50
It might be a little off topic, but I talked to a few instructors at Bristow Academy. The Chinese are so used to receive orders that when they end up in a situation where they will have to make desitions, they donīt know what to do. Kinda scary as Air China and many other chinese companies are bumping F/Os to captain quite quickly these days.

2nd Dec 2011, 05:14
Thanks for the answers guys.

4th Dec 2011, 07:40
Anyway somebody that wishes to send more comments is very welcome:ok:

30th Jan 2012, 13:18
what do you mean with difficulty to deal with chinese instructors?
to understand their english?
The way they teach?
Or their attitude?

Luke SkyToddler
31st Jan 2012, 04:48
What about the Oz base, same issues?

I was wondering the other day - since the requirement for commanders is Oz residency, who sits in the RHS, Chinese F/O's who commute in and out? Or are the F/O's also resident?

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