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30th Nov 2011, 11:28
Im about to buy an iPad and get Jeppview installed on my home PC. Then I'm going to get the ap from the appstore thingy, (I'm and android phone user). Then apparently I can put jeppview on the ipad. Now more paper revisions.

Now I see there's things such as jepp mobile flight deck and and jepp TC. Now I'm more than a little confused. Can anyone explain the differences to a technical luddite???

Also my plan is to print off the dozen or so airports that i regularly go to and put them into my ittle flight folder. If a revision comes through electronically, is there a flag to say its been ammended recently, so I can print off a new chart.

Lastly, can jepp view be installed on an andrid phone, so even though you will never use it, you are legal (ie 2 sources of charts) so you dont have to print them off.

Now dont even get me started on the iTunes thingy. Life was so much easier when you simply took a CD off the shelf and put it in the CD player......sigh.

Capt Claret
30th Nov 2011, 12:38

JeppTC App gives you Approach & Departure plates and airways manual, whilst JeppFD also provides enroute charts, and should allow you to enter a route and have the App automatically provide you with the required plates. Thus far JeppFD seems buggy and I use JeppTC.

The iPad Apps don't allow you to see which plates have changed but the PC JeppView program does.

I don't know anything about android so can't comment. I'd strongly recommend a 3G + WiFi iPad. Mine's the 64 gig model and with my entire music library, work manuals, books, log book (LogTen Pro), photos and a few movies for overnights, it's darn close to being full.

The ease of inserting a CD is more than compensated by not having to insert & replace Jepp amendment every two weeks. It's as simple as opening the iPad App, click on Settings, click on Update, and it's done! And you can listen to music at the same time. :}

Capn Bloggs
30th Nov 2011, 23:32
airways manual
Unless it's had a total revamp recently, the Jepp airway manual on Jepp TC has a totally different layout to the paper airway manual, so if you think you'll be able to 1/easily relate your TC manual to your mates paper manual during arguments about what the rules are and 2/easily find out what's changed (there are no change bars) at each revision of the airway manual you're going to be bitterly disappointed.

Android will not run any of the electronic Jepp stuff.

Capt Claret
1st Dec 2011, 00:23
The draw backs of the JeppTC/FD Airways Manuals are: no change bars and different format, for example, the electronic manuals are an international format where one gets multiple countries, whereas the Australian paper Airways manual is just Australia. :ooh:

The advantage is, one exports it to a PDF App such as Goodreader, then there's an excellent electronic search capability. :)

1st Dec 2011, 01:00
Nmc, you don't get alerted that a chart has changed, but you can print an amendment sheet that will tell you what the changes are and you can have it print only the charts that have changed. You can apply this to which ever airports you select, e.g, the entire manual or just to you're favorite airports or just a route.

The JeppTC and JeppFD apps are both free and you get four licenses as part of your JeppView subscription, so get both and try them out, you've got nothing to lose. As far as I know there is no corresponding android app for the Jepps. Personally I use JeppFD as the buggy bit just seems to be with entering routes on the enroute charts, the bugs can be worked around, and the terminal chart section is identical to JeppTC.

The Airway Manual still has the same para numbers as the paper version and it is bookmarked down to a reasonable detail. The main problem is not knowing what has changed.

Capt Claret, you use LogTen Pro, do you import your schedule from Geneva? I haven't been able to get it to work.

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