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14th Nov 2011, 13:34
Anyone know what Air Sweden are upto these days?

Heard they were in Administration with zero contracts. One A320 went back to the lessor and the other A320 i believe is having a config change to 180Y.
The MD81 & 82 are either mothballed or are to be sold.

If you google Air Sweden you get 2 different sites
Air Sweden Aviation AB (http://www.airsweden.aero)
Air Sweden Aviation AB (http://www.airswedengroup.com)

Both have different contact details on them
What's that all about? Not very professional if you ask me.

Grateful for any input.

15th Nov 2011, 14:34
Rumors say that the owners are taking over 50% of a flightschool in stockholm with ambition to use it as a future pool for the airline.. I d say bowl :mad: they are ..


16th Nov 2011, 19:22

Air Sweden are not currently flying. One of their A320 aircraft was reposessed by ACG for non-payment of leasing instalments and maintenance reserves. Their ancient MD aircraft are scrap and will not fly again. The remaining A320 is stuck in a hangar, apparently due to outstanding bills - again !! They have until 13 Dec 11 to present a proposal that is acceptable to all of their creditors, or it's the great hangar in the sky for Air Sweden.


10th Jan 2012, 16:40
Förvaltningsrätten fastställde beslut om Air Swedens operativa licens - Transportstyrelsen (http://www.transportstyrelsen.se/sv/Nyhetsarkiv/Forvaltningsratten-faststallde-beslut-om-Air-Swedens-operativa-licens/)

11th Jan 2012, 09:01
Truly sorry to hear this news. A sad day for all at Air Sweden.
It's not over till the fat lady sings.....It is now!!!