View Full Version : Battle for the skies hots up

14th Apr 2001, 19:33
Did anyone see this article on the front page of the Guardian this morning? (Saturday 14th April)

It seem that Airbus and Boeing are both doing U-turns regarding sonic cruisers and 500+ seaters. The European Aeronautical Defence and Space company who have a majority sharehold in Airbus claim a rival sonic cruiser to Boeings delta wing could be completed in ten years.

Also, Boeing are now considering producing a longer range and larger 74. Any thoughts?

:) SpeedBird22 :)

Notso Fantastic
15th Apr 2001, 15:11
Nobody has any idea what to do, but in the meantime they are both going to throw up smokescreens to confuse each other (and us the increasingly cynical public)!