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12th Nov 2011, 11:08
I've done a search on the forum for advice in purchasing an IFR training software for procedures training based upon the G1000 cockpit layout as I am currently training in the DA42.

Could anybody suggest a suitable IFR training software based upon the G1000 which I can use to polish and practice IFR procedures. I have looked into RANT, however it is based upon a conventional cockpit layout which may not be suitable for my current instrument scan.

Thank you :)

VC10 Rib22
12th Nov 2011, 15:07

Type the thread title into Google. Press the search button. Read up on the very many available options presented. If inclined retype the thread title into Google with the word 'review' beside it. Click search. Read once more. Combined with all the downloads readily available on the Garmin website this should see you in G1000 heaven.


VC10 Rib22 :ok:

12th Nov 2011, 15:14
There's an Embraer Phenom 100 add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator.
Incorporates Garmin 1000 flight deck. Might be worth a look.

Google Wilco Publishing + Phenom 100

15th Nov 2011, 17:44
Try the King package. If you can get past the intentionally corky presentation their material actually works very well. Downside - Pricey.

Learn to Fly! | King Schools (http://www.kingschools.com)

I believe Jeppesen also have G1000 packages but they are separate for different needs VFR/IFR etc and I would imagine you need to start at the VFR one first then move on. Pricey again.

JeppDirect | Aviation store for Jeppesen charts, pilot training, aircraft parts & pilot supplies. (http://jeppdirect.jeppesen.com/index.jsp)

Max Trescott's package seems to be popular and more affordable.

Garmin G1000 Glass Cockpit Handbook and CD-ROM Course (http://www.g1000book.com/)

Pros, Cons....choices, choices.

Rory Dixon
15th Nov 2011, 21:58
You might have a look at On Top 9.5 (http://www.asa2fly.com/On-Top-95--P1012_product1.aspx?Mode=DTL). It also includes a 182R Skylane with a G1000 style cockpit.

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