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9th Nov 2011, 14:02
Hi there.
Iíve been reading pprune forum for a while, talking to people who are doing modular course and now Iím making decision whether I want to invest all my savings and do first bits (medical, ppl, hours, and ATPL theory) while working full time to make money for the rest to become commercial pilot.
My biggest concerns are:

How much time will I need to complete zero to hero while working full time?

Should I change my office IT 9-5 job to 4 on 4 off pattern job in order to have more time for learning to fly?

Is 30 years a bit old to start all that ?

I went to see . They sound trustworthy, got good opinions on various forums, the nearest to where I live, but still not sure if there is a better option ?

Thanks for any help

Genghis the Engineer
9th Nov 2011, 16:43
Lots and lots of advice already here - just look at the sticky at the top of the page and use the search function.

Until you've read that, I'll just offer one piece of advice:

- Do the medical and PPL first.

Then you'll know if you can hold a professional medical, and if you have an enthusiasm and aptitude for flying that you'll need to get you the rest of the way.


9th Nov 2011, 18:41
Welcome to the Wannabee forum!

As Genghis says there is a lot of information here already and most of the questions you ask have been asked and answered recently. Try the search function with:

'perpetual Am I too old thread'
'Zero to hero'
In the meantime I'll close the thread - drop me a PM when you have done your research and want it opening again!


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