View Full Version : Mass and Balance Exam Nov 2011

6th Nov 2011, 14:58
I am sitting the Nov Mass and Balance exam tomorrow at Gatwick but haven't received my confirmation through from the CAA. I know that my place has been booked because the money has been taken from my account but I don't have all the details i.e. exam times etc.

If there is anyone out there sitting this exam tomorrow could you please let me know what time it starts.

Many thanks

6th Nov 2011, 17:30
I know that POF is tomorrow at 0930...so its not then!

That kind of helps I guess...

6th Nov 2011, 20:55
Yeh it does - it means I don't need to get there for 930 now!


6th Nov 2011, 21:59
AGK is after POF...im not sure what time mass and balance starts.

3rd one of the day.


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