View Full Version : BA, Easyjet and Monarch Interview preperation

6th Nov 2011, 14:30
I've been considering an interview preparation course to help me prepare for assessments like the easyjet mpl or monarch mpl or just for a job interview once I finish pilot training. Are they really worth the money though and are they likely to work. I've been looking at the e-prep and pilot aptitude course. Would you consider them? Your thoughts and advice will be really appreciated

6th Nov 2011, 15:35
All the information you'll need regarding interview/aptitude prep and courses will be in the forums.

Use the search tab above ^

6th Nov 2011, 16:16
I do agree with you but font u think it would also be beneficial to have one on one with people who have actually hired and done pilot interviews and assessments
I mean the actual assessors and interviewers perspective

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