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14th Apr 2001, 15:48
Interesting article in BALPA’s airwaves. It states that compulsory retirement at 65 will be made illegal by 2006. Amongst other things the article states that the new law will outlaw the ‘contractual retirement age’ and require employers to keep staff on if they are fit and able to continue.

So some sense at last, age discrimination will be made illegal. I hope airlines will see fit to introduce a non-ageist policy before 2006 although I won’t be holding my breath.

Just imagine I’ll now be able to carry on for eon’s, those F/O’s 50 years younger than I will be are just going to love all those ‘when I was on the…’ stories.

Actually the only seat I think I want to be occupying in a few years time is 1A, but you never know what the future will necessitate.


15th Apr 2001, 12:43
I met a SFO from Air New Zealand and we discussed a very similar law that was introduced in NZ

Absolute disaster for all the guys and gals that had been waiting for LHS for 10/12 years to suddenly find that the wait had been extended indefinitely.

I don't quite know how our French friends will respond to 70 year old Captains.

15th Apr 2001, 13:55
Merde! Non!