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29th Oct 2011, 17:30
Going to be visiting Chicago next year and not wanting to risk getting stuck in the middle of the cabin I will bite the bullet and fork out the 25 for a reserved seat.

I will be travelling in economy on my own and will want a window. If I am to fork out 25 for this seat then I want to make sure it is a good one. I have tried seat Guru but unfortunately that doesn't tell me exactly where the window will lie.

Can anyone suggest a good window seat, i.e. not one with a blocker in place or one where the window is situated behind the headrest or meaning I have to lean forward to get a good view? I won't be going until may but the economy cabin is pretty much wide open right now (exits and twin row are gone), so may as well get in early!

Many thanks.

31st Oct 2011, 21:53
I think you'll find that the exit rows are made available [at an extra cost] 14 days prior to departure.

1st Nov 2011, 06:43
The further back you go the less of the wing you'll see. WTP are pretty much over the wing.
If you join the exec club you can choose your seat.

1st Nov 2011, 18:06
But beware of this .... flew with Groundsow LHR/YVR in PE and I went to prebook seats together. Paid the fee then looked at the availability and there were no seats together apart from centre cabin. Unless they have changed it you can't see what is available until after you have paid the fee!

Decided to switch days so we could sit together, rang BA and they did this but then charged 65 for changing days. CRAZY SYSTEM. Told to write to Customer Relations and they would refund it.

Wrote as suggested and got a reply that they are sorry they have to charge a booking fee, clearly never read my e mail at all! Awaiting another reply now.... not with too much expectation of getting my 65 back!

3rd Nov 2011, 12:45
Thank you for the replies.

I am not travelling in WT+ as I'm not too fussed about the extras it offers, plus the price difference was not really justifiable to me, the fact the cabin is mostly over the wing doesn't really sound appealing to me anyway as I very much enjoy the view on TransAt flights. :ok:

Groundhog, the seat plan for all 4 of my flights (EDI-LHR-ORD//TPA-LGW-EDI) is available for viewing without payment being taken, so perhaps the system has changed now! I certainly hope you get somewhere with BA customer service.

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