View Full Version : 744 Systems Sim

20th Oct 2011, 09:20

I promise I'm not a PC geek but want to learn the 744 systems and SOPs. Does anyone have experience with the Aerowinx sim? I've seen one on eBay and don't know what a reasonable price is. Or any other sims that are worth a look at?

I realise this isn't a sim forum but I don't really care about visuals, just after a faithful representation of the kit in the cockpit. Thanks.

Cornish Jack
20th Oct 2011, 17:01
In general, Aerowinx is pretty good. System presentation is fairly accurate although a couple of the FMAs are not correct. The designer's pedigree is well based and their website was quite informative. I was sufficiently impressed to buy one (full price!!) when I was tech instructing on it. It also had the advantage of allowing selection of Company/Engine options. Full price, IIRC was around the 85 mark. Still have mine although not used for some years. The handbook was very close to the company version.