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20th Oct 2011, 06:37
Hi All

Was down in Oz just recently on a trip. I went to see an old friend who used to drive me out to Hoxton Park where I did my PPL.

My chum Alan, now 89, has recently renewed his PPL after not a little hassle from CASA:cool:.

Anyway Alan has held a pilots licence for 74 years and counting!

Alan and his wife of 69 yrs, Merle, still embark on aviation adventures in their little Air Tourer all over OZ and beyond, Lord Howe island for one, and are very active members of the Air Tourer Club in Oz.

My question, do you chaps and chapesses know of anyone who has held and exercised a pilots licence for a similar or longer time?

Cheers Alwayz

20th Oct 2011, 11:15
That's good going.
:ok: I used to fly out of Hoxton Park too. (RIP :( )

I reckon I could hold mine for an hour but then I'd get bored and put it down.

DX Wombat
20th Oct 2011, 12:32
Well done!
I have no idea how long the two WW2 veterans were who fllew themselves to Project Propeller and back this year had held their licences but it must be many, many years. One flew to PP and the other flew home afterwards. :ok:
To my embarrassment I thought that the younger gentleman with them was their pilot but was told, "No, he's just here to keep an eye on us." :D

20th Oct 2011, 13:19
Without a doubt Wombat the mould where gentlemen of that ilk came from is long broken, more's the pity!

CASA in their "wisdom" made Al do a stress ECG, fair enough but a touch harsh as his BP etc are amazing! Anyway whilst he was on the treadmill the Doc and nurse kept asking him "HOW old are you?":eek: with an incredulous tone. He results were by all accounts...........well amazing!

20th Oct 2011, 14:05
Is Pontius still flying?

20th Oct 2011, 14:40
There is a USA based international organization called UFO (United Flying Octogenarians)...with an average membership of about 900 people.

Minimum age to join.....80 years old.

The membership has a fair old turnover for natural reasons....but has some very interesting members.

UFO News (http://www.unitedflyingoctogenarians.org/pr01.htm)

20th Oct 2011, 18:55
Showing an interest in that? Soon be qualified, eh, SAS..... :p

20th Oct 2011, 23:22
Clayton Scott - 72+ years.

Boeing Frontiers Online (http://boeing.com/news/frontiers/archive/2005/october/i_history.html)

21st Oct 2011, 01:23
Shy.....I should live so long!

I started flying as a student in 1964....thus a new guy at the game compared to some of these old geezers. Granted I had 2500 hours by age 22 courtesy of my adoring Uncle Sam and a recalcitrant fellow named Uncle Ho.

21st Oct 2011, 01:58
My father soloed in 1930 (Curtiss Robin, water-cooled WWI surplus OX-5 engine), was a flight instructor in WWII, and held his license w/ class 3 medical until 2000.

He still flew his Taylorcraft for a year or two after that, but don't tell the FAA please.

21st Oct 2011, 02:00
Clayton Scott - 72+ years.

...and reputed to have flown more B-17s than any other pilot!

21st Oct 2011, 03:04
@alwayzinit - Allan Wood is a legend and a lovely guy. I was visiting him at Hoxton a couple of years ago and he could dart under a low wing or drag a plane around without missing a beat.

Yes, the mould for people like that is broken and he is irreplaceable. Not many people are as loved and respected as Al.