View Full Version : How to stop Drug Trafficking

19th Oct 2011, 22:56
Leagalise ALL addictive drugs WORLDWIDE, BUT don't treat the addicts on the "Health Services"

Mike X
19th Oct 2011, 23:02
I'm assuming you're talking about non-pharmaceutical addictive drugs ?

19th Oct 2011, 23:39
Has anyone managed to get prohibition to work.

Anyone? Anywhere? Anytime?

The "War" on drugs will never be won.

It's a fools game!:ugh:

20th Oct 2011, 07:13
One can say that sex is a drug - some get the shakes after
going just three days without it! :uhoh:

A few things on sexual abstinence....
- a red glow doesn't return to your cheeks
- food still tastes the same
- your liver won't improve
- you still cough
- your performance in sports doesn't improve
- your mind doesn't get better but alters it for the worse
- there's no weight loss, in fact just the opposite.

Can't see what heroine and crack has over shagging.