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19th Oct 2011, 20:39
from the Dong-A Ilbo

Korean Air pilot under probe for assisting N. Korea

OCTOBER 19, 2011 23:15

Korean Air was perplexed Wednesday over the news that one of its pilots was being investigated by police for alleged violation of the National Security Law.
The pilot was found to have collected “enemy-benefiting” materials by taking advantage of his occupation that allows him to visit many countries. So the carrier is fearful that the incident will spark public criticism for “negligence” in overseeing its pilots.

Korean Air said Wednesday that it was unaware of the pilot’s activities until it was informed by law enforcement officials. “We grounded (the pilot) as soon as we were told (of his activities),” a company source said.

The airliner also could not rule out the possibility that he wanted to fly a plane to North Korea for defection.

Korean Air also ruled out the possibility of other pilots being involved in “enemy-benefitting” activities, saying it grounded the pilot in question because he might attempt to fly his aircraft to North Korea for defection.

Saying no other of its pilots are suspected of violating the law, the company said police had informed it of only the charges the pilot was facing.

The case prompted other airliners to add education programs to their recruiting and training processes to prevent their pilots from getting involved in enemy-benefitting activities. Most carriers in South Korea lack education for their pilots on such activities, though they conduct security checks on new pilots.

The Korean Air source said the carrier has no such education programs for its pilots, but said, “Through this opportunity, we`re studying ways to provide regular education on such activities and conduct internal inspections.”

Any KAL expats care to comment? Have they added this to the takeoff and landing briefings yet?

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23. Defecting to N. Korea - not permitted.
24. Crosswind landing - decrab in flare.

19th Oct 2011, 21:39
I can relate to this having visited many countries and collected much manufacturing and aviation technolgy inormation.

My employer was always nevous about my possible defection to the enemy and to this day was never sure, nor was the enemy.

19th Oct 2011, 21:53
..........and nor are we:)

19th Oct 2011, 23:06
Hmmm.... I'd have thought the Evil Empire would have been after nuclear physicists, rocket-scientists, tele-guidance boffins and bio-warfare experts.

Maybe being a KAL pilot was just a side-line. :}

20th Oct 2011, 07:54
Defecting to the North out of KAL would mean he give´s up two free meals a day and the Crew meals on Board as well. Not worth it IMHO. :E

The way that article is worded in the News Paper there reminds me on the time in the ROK. No facts but alot of fiction. Thanks God I did the move finaly, took me some time but it worked out at the end of the day.

Point 25 in the briefing will be added now: Report anything suspicious. :ok:

20th Oct 2011, 20:05
Dozens probed for pro-N.K. online activity - Yahoo! (http://my.news.yahoo.com/dozens-probed-pro-n-k-online-activity-040004628.html)

Dozens probed for pro-N.K. online activity

http://l2.yimg.com/bt/api/res/1.2/ILN9JE0uCq6jPmE3X_sLig--/YXBwaWQ9eW5ld3M7Zmk9Zml0O2g9Mjc-/http://media.zenfs.com/en_my/News/logo/asianewsnet/ann.jpg (http://us.lrd.yahoo.com/SIG=11fta040k/EXP=1320346899/**http%3A//www.asianewsnet.net/)By Lee Sun-young in Seoul/The Korea Herald | ANN – 15 hours ago

Seoul (The Korea Herald/ANN) - About 40 internet users, including a Korean Air pilot, are under investigation for their postings online that praise North Korea, which law enforcement authorities in the South view as a breach of the national security law.
According to multiple local reports and sources at the National Police Agency, many of the 40 are members of the pro-Pyongyang online forum called "Cyber Defense Command for the People."
They include the pilot, an attorney, an army official and several government employees, they said.
The online community, which was originally run by a man surnamed Hwang, was shut down last June with the arrest of Hwang, but was reopened with a new IP address.
In the ongoing investigation, the pilot, a 44-year-old identified by his surname Kim, is accused of violating the National Security Law, by posting on his personal webpage some 60 pro-Pyongyang messages, including movie trailers allegedly produced in the communist state, police officials said.
Investigators have confiscated several books, including a biography of the late North Korean founder Kim Il-sung and computer files, in a raid of his home Tuesday. They plan to summon Kim for questioning after analyzing them.
Kim's employer, the flag carrier Korean Air, has suspended his duty at the request of the police, which worry that he might defect to the North with a civilian airplane.
"It looks like most of the people have violated the National Security Law's clause 1, which bans the praising of North Korea,
Under the National Security Law, anyone who knowingly supports or encourages anti-state entities or praises North Korea faces punishment of up to seven years in jail.
The crackdown comes after the country's intelligence, prosecution and police authorities last month agreed to step up monitoring of pro-North Korean activities in cyberspace, which they said have mushroomed to a risky level over the past years.
Prosecutor General Han Sang-dae in his inaugural speech in August declared a war against pro-North Korea forces.
Over the past four years, police have nabbed some 358 people for anti-state activities, of them 119 for their online activities.

Captain Kim? I've flown with him!

21st Oct 2011, 01:43
Defecting to the North out of KAL would mean he give´s up two free meals a day and the Crew meals on Board as well. Not worth it IMHO.

I'm afraid that doesn't apply if talking about true idealogical thinking.

Akali Dal
22nd Oct 2011, 01:54
Heard from a Korean pilot friend that it was a sting ops initiated by the KCIA based solely on the fact that the accused pilot maintains a web blog espousing some liberal and some socialist ideas. Unfortunately he allowed comments on his web blog where overzealous commentors posted articles and comments supposedly friendly to to the Kim Jong Il regime. Since it was close to the Seoul mayoral elections, the South Korean government establishment decided to blow up this KCIA sting ops monitoring all netizen websites using this Korean pilot web blog comments to drum up support for the ruling party candidate. Do not think you are so free in a democracy, you are monitored but the spooks in the so called democracies are thousand times more savvy and sophiscated compared to commie red China and other hillybilly dictatorships that we never suspect that we are thousand times more likely to be spied on covertly by stealth whereas we always assume that we will be spied on by the demonised socialist regimes.

24th Oct 2011, 11:52
Well said comrade!

24th Oct 2011, 14:34
The airliner also could not rule out the possibility that he wanted to fly a plane to North Korea for defection.