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19th Oct 2011, 09:46
A few months ago Mrs OFSO, having been overheard thanking Mary Portas for her designs of clothes for older women (sorry chaps, I know this fashion stuff is unbelievable boring but there is a point to this post at which I will arrive - eventually) was interviewed for a program which was shown in TV last night.

Within seconds of the interview ending all hell broke lose in our living room, phones cheeping, OE bonging, etc. Calls from half-a-dozen ladies who know Mrs OFSO and had all been watching the program unaware that she was in it, said ladies located in three different countries, all calling to say "did you know you were on TV ?"

I always wondered what Andy Warhol meant when he said everyone will be famous for 15 minutes, but now I have an inkling. Not only famous, but everyone will call to tell you that.

Ah well, back to cannibalism.

19th Oct 2011, 10:23
Last week I spoke to a local correspondent from Associated Press, who was seeking information on behalf of a London colleague who was writing a story on – well, never mind. Needless to say, I got thoroughly misquoted.

The story, with my name attached, went around the world. Our press clippings service got several hundred hits including the Juneau Empire, the Kelowna Daily Courier, even ‘Homeland Security Today’ (scary). It even prompted a letter to the Guardian from the head of the UK Civil Aviation Authority, complaining about what I was (mis)reported to have said. Fame? I could live without it.

19th Oct 2011, 10:33
NEVER talk to any Journalists.

19th Oct 2011, 10:43
One of my previous wives was interviewed by our local paper in Germany. She said a lot about local politics. When the paper came out next day they quoted her VERY selectively to change the entire content of what she had said - and she then said the same words as Storminnorm quotes above.....

However, Mrs OFSO's clip last night was unchanged, perhaps because she supported Mary Portas and that was what the program producer wanted.

19th Oct 2011, 10:49
NEVER talk to any Journalists.

Unfortunately that's part of my job.

A pal of mine was in import/export to and from China. One day he was on a domestic flight with a very reluctant prospective client. Since their chat was gettung nowhere he picked up a copy of the Herald Tribune. He spotted my name and said to his companion 'oh, I know that guy!'. Instantly the mood changed, Mr Wong was most impressed that he should know someone name-checked on the front page of the IHT and the business discussions resumed at a more constructive level.

19th Oct 2011, 10:50
The being told that you are 'famous for 15' by all and sundry is simply becoming a tool/screen/object for the others to live vicariously through in the moment. Easier said than done, but if one can be the same 'famous' as 'unfamous' then much of the madness can be avoided. I was listening to a radio programme last night about recording studios in London and the stories from people who worked in them with all the famous groups over the last 40 years. Anyhoo a chef phoned in who had been the caterer of 2 famous studios and he said the best tip he could give anyone was to treat the famous as though they were normal people. Half the time the glamour and excitement imagined by the man in the street is anything but.


19th Oct 2011, 12:30
I've had 1 of my 15. Saving the other 14 for the way out. :}

19th Oct 2011, 19:36
treat the famous as though they were normal people.

Unfortunately, the average punter when spying a famous person becomes a strange animal.

I occasionally meet a V famous English actress for coffee here, and the reaction of those who recognise her can go from polite, through fawning, to hostility if she does not behave as they would wish. The mobile phone/facebook age has made it even worse for her as they all want to have their photo taken with her so that they can upload it immediately to their friends.
She is now resigned to the fact that going out is an unpredictable event, and she has to pick her times and venues carefully.

For some bizarre reason I am also asked, when with her, for photos/autographs. Their reasoning being that I must be famous by association. A polite refusal can create an atmosphere so I tend to go along with it for a laugh and my face has appeared on a number of magazine articles. The caption is usually titled 'mystery friend' which in turn generates hoots of ribald derision from friends.

Fame? No thanks!

19th Oct 2011, 20:31
Once upon a time Mrs CVJ was a model and did some acting at the BBC. One of the benefits was joining her for lunch or dinner in the canteen. One sat next to well known actors all the time but it was considered hugely uncool to treat them as anything but the chap next door.

We were having our usual Saturday brunch at the local cafe a couple of months ago when some stars of a popular reality show came in for a meal. It was good to see the locals keep their cool. Not all the world has broken down into 'personality worship.'

19th Oct 2011, 21:35
I had a 15 second sound bite aired on a national radio program that had some friends ringing me up.

Does that count?

19th Oct 2011, 23:50
Brian Clough, the man who once said of Frank Sinatra "he met me once".

20th Oct 2011, 00:06
It's like having Alzhiemer's disease.You don't know anybody, but they all know you. Tony Curtis.

Lon More
20th Oct 2011, 00:10
NEVER talk to any Journalists.

I was personally, expressly forbidden to say anything to journs other than to give them a contact number at HQ after telling one to take a running dive on a rolling doughnut.

I made the front page of theTimes many years ago. At the time of the Aberfan Inquiry the Minister responsible was being interviewed at Luton stood in front of the NCB Dove G-ARUM (?) I'm in the background arrying a ladder. (much better than a clipboard when skiving)

Phil the Greek was introduced to me once. I must have made a good impression. He said. "How nyce."

20th Oct 2011, 00:19
NEVER talk to any Journalists.

I was approached by CNN to comment on the company's decision to cancel a program I was working on. I politely declined, suggesting that it might be career limiting.

Arm out the window
20th Oct 2011, 02:26
Phil the Greek was introduced to me once. I must have made a good impression. He said. "How nyce."

He's over our way at the moment, with the Mrs. Lots of uniformed people wandering around aimlessly near them and little girls curtseying and presenting bouquets of flowers.

At least Mrs Phil and our GG, Quentin Bryce, are women who appear to have some class, unlike Julia who's an embarrassment.

20th Oct 2011, 02:46
I had 15 minutes of fame once, it lasted 9.3 seconds. :{

20th Oct 2011, 06:07
At the age of 18 I'd poked an unpokerable girl at high school.
Janine R was her name. Face, tits, arse.....you say it she had
it. The problem was Janine knew that, and was so up herself
she was extremely selective who she let in - and NEVER will
it be from any of the poor and ugly dorks at her high school.

Cut a long story short I wasn't exactly one of the ugly dorks
and had tried all year. During the end of year Matric party I'd
spiked her drinks, and combined with knowledge gained from
a couple of 8mm porn flicks, got into her pants around at the
back of the sports shed.

Quickly word spread - I was FAMOUS! I was the guy who got
into Janine's pants! This lead to a popularity that would have
counted as "15 minutes of fame". I should've made headlines
in the paper! I suddenly became The Man and my confidence
grew. This lasted till I left Adelaide and set forth to Brisbane,
where there were new vistas to see, airlines to join and snatch
to conquer.

All this changed when I got there - "And er...who the fcuk are
you?" was the standard reply to my standard chatup. "No one
gives a shit what you did in boring old Adelaide...."

Ok I admit back then in my youth it was obviously ego, but I
never regained so to speak that "fame" which gave so much
supreme confidence in every endeavor, be it sexual, career or

The point I make is that I feel everyone subconsciously tries
to regain that 15 minutes of fame during the progress of life,
whatever one's fame was for, when one gets these personal
feelings of being just plain ordinary and mediocre. No its not
an ego or self-respect or even insecurity thing, just a "I want
to feel that way" again - to get that old confidence back, sort've
like Baby Jane (Bette Davis role) who everybody mistakenly
thought was just for pure ego's sake.

I've seen it in others so its not just me.

20th Oct 2011, 09:08
During the end of year Matric party I'd spiked her drinks, and combined with knowledge gained from a couple of 8mm porn flicks, got into her pants around at the back of the sports shed.

And they say the spirit of being a true gentleman is dead in Australia !

20th Oct 2011, 09:15
Well it WAS done in a gentlemanly Australian kinda way - the spike was Corio blend!