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19th Oct 2011, 09:17
Hi everybody,

I would appreciate a help regarding following issue:
I want to apply to Qatar Airways for Flight Deck Crew position, more exactly First Officer position. I visited Qatar Airways career web site, created profile, filled with data and submitted the application (pressing "Submit" button at the end of the filling application process). After completing the application and submitting it I received e-mail with subject: "Job submission for the position First Officer (Job Number: AIR000MB) at Qatar Airways" - with no any Application Reference Number. Talking to some friends and colleagues I have been told that I should have received Application Reference Number. I referred back to application, checked that all the required data were entered, properly formatted, files attached... and submitted application again. I received the same message as before but no Application Reference Number again??? I asked a friend of mine to pass through my application with me and check if everything was done in proper manner - everything seemed fine.
Is there anybody experiencing the same problem??? Some explanation for the reason why I was not provided with Application Reference Number??? I want to call somebody from Qatar Pilot Recruitment but don't have any name and phone number to do a follow up and check the status of my application.
Any help... explanation, phone number, suggestion how to solve this issue is welcome:)

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation,

Regards to all!

19th Oct 2011, 22:05
thats the only thing i got aswell.....

20th Oct 2011, 04:07
I don't know of any reference number.

18th Nov 2011, 20:57

I recieved this email after applying for Qatar.

You can review the candidate file that has been created for you, by using the following access code.


Access Code: XXXXXXXXX
To access your candidate file, click here


When the new page opens up it has a pre-entererd reference number and I should only put in the Access Code. But it says that there is wrong reference number.

This worries me because I have no clue how to get hold of my reference number if this was not the correct one?

Anyone else that have had the same problem?

22nd Nov 2011, 07:10
Exactly same thing has happened to me,too.Could anyone find any solution for that?.. Access code,that they had sent me is not working with username that appears automaticlly.

22nd Nov 2011, 18:01
Just sign inn using your original username and password when you setup application and update if required.


Wind Shear Ahead
4th Feb 2012, 22:47
Got nothing after submitting my application :(:(:( not even an empty email like you guys did

Yet my application shows as "COMPLETED SUBMISSION" when I log with my USER and PASSW

Black Pudding
5th Feb 2012, 01:57
Simply re apply

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