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west lakes
16th Oct 2011, 01:10
Long over due I think

BBC News - Free parenting classes trial to run in England (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-15312216)

16th Oct 2011, 04:23
I think you're right Mr Lakes.


16th Oct 2011, 06:14
Sounds good, but there's bound to be to many huggy fluffy's involved.

16th Oct 2011, 10:59
And just which potentially shit parents do we think are going to voluntarily sign up?


16th Oct 2011, 15:15
Why I have a feeling that they will be along the lines of you must allow free expression etc when child is screaming head off at 35000 feet half way across the Atlantic

or child should never be constrained even when trying to run out onto a busy road.

I was in church couple of months ago and a priest remarked about how Parenting classes in South East were always well attended in the middle class areas and poorly attended where they were most needed.

16th Oct 2011, 15:27
Friends of mine allowed their son, who was then about 5 and old enough to understand, to scrawl over the walls of their house. They didn't speak to me for a long time after I told him that this was not allowed in my house. I was 'inhibiting his need to express himself'.

He had 'expressed himself' by peeing on my carpet quite deliberately, to which they said : "He's only a baby it won't smell or stain".

That boy is now a man in his thirties who has spent more time in prison than out of it.

17th Oct 2011, 14:55
Deserves to be in prison for peeing on your carpet.

tony draper
17th Oct 2011, 15:58
We could only dream of having a carpet to pee on.:(

17th Oct 2011, 17:35
Words fail me. :hmm:

A lesbian couple in California who say their 11-year-old son Tommy may actually be a girl named Tammy are giving their child hormone blockers that delay the onset of puberty -- so that he can have more time to decide exactly who he, or she, is.

Controversial Therapy For Pre-Teen Transgender Patient Raises Questions | Fox News (http://www.foxnews.com/us/2011/10/17/controversial-therapy-for-young-transgender-patients-raises-questions/)

flying lid
17th Oct 2011, 19:07
We could only dream of having a carpet to pee on

We dreamed of having a pot to piss in !!!


18th Oct 2011, 05:54
We could only dream of having a carpet to pee on

We dreamed of having a pot to piss in !!!

Spoilt brats yous all was!

We had to piss in our pants then go wring 'em out down the local sewerpipe manhole.

18th Oct 2011, 07:06
Words fail me.

Yea that one is really sending shivers down my spine. With an ongoing argument in some quarters about the merits of same sex couples bringing up children (lack of male/female role models etc), their not doing themselves any favours.

18th Oct 2011, 12:43
We had to piss in our pants

You 'ad pants !?

Sheer looxury.


Neptunus Rex
18th Oct 2011, 16:16
Adelaide, late '80s.
I attended a "Good Parenting" course at our local Adult Education Centre. It was very impressive, with a highly committed 'facilitator.'

What caused me no end of amusement was that many of the techniques and stratagems being taught were almost exact replicas of the techniques and stratagems I had learnt a few weeks earlier in Melbourne - on my first CRM course!

19th Oct 2011, 20:15
Let's face it, there are probably more restrictions and checks on giving a dog a home, than a child.

My first gut instinct on seeing this article was, what a shame, there's a need for these lessons. Must say, my first experience of parenthood was a bit of an "eye opener." All this talk of maternal, or paternal, intinct is probably baloney.....you picked a lot up as you went along. (With the help of generations along the family line.) Not sure if I'm harping back to the good old day's, or I'm looking at things through rose tinted specs.:cool:

It upsets me the amount of sh*yte tou see each day, due to poor parenting though.

I've got a friend who works in "safeguarding" - she's busier than ever, not, because she tells me, that abuse is endemic, but more because we're better at picking it up. She 'aint no huffy fluffy, she just cares about the children in her charge.

If these parenting classes can help prevent some of this, (and in these prudent times, let's see the evidence), then bring it on.