View Full Version : New Zealand Darwin Award ?

13th Oct 2011, 22:54
From this mornings' New Zealand Herald..........

...........says a man had been quite legitimately siphoning petrol out of a car.

"Due to the fact it was dark, he decided to light a match or a cigarette lighter to help him see better, ................

Captain Sand Dune
14th Oct 2011, 01:57
And thus nature balances itself...........

14th Oct 2011, 02:09
well at least he wasn't trying to drink it or sniff it.

14th Oct 2011, 03:07
Man siphoning petrol badly burnt - National - NZ Herald News (http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10758967)
Health and safety warned people to keep flames away from petrol?
No-well away.

Krystal n chips
14th Oct 2011, 05:55
Not quite in the same league in one sense, but prime contenders in the Dysfunctional Darwin Thinking Award in another.

A long time ago at Celle....two of the AAC's "not too bright" persons...and a totally innocent Scout...and drip tray....one seemingly said to the other, the immortal lines of "watch this, this stuff doesn't burn "....no prizes for guessig the fluid in the drip tray of course...alas, one Cat 3 repair later..:ugh:

14th Oct 2011, 06:29
Sadly Africa does the petrol siphoning Darwinian extinction thing en masse!

Oil tanker explosion kills 4 in Kenya, injures 35 - World news - Africa - msnbc.com (http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/44606211/ns/world_news-africa/t/oil-tanker-explosion-kills-kenya-injures/#.TpfIe5utcvk)


unstable load
14th Oct 2011, 07:03
Nigeria beats that one hands down...
Village in the boonies has a pipeline running through it's land and the locals are siphoning off their "dues" from the oil company that hasn't paid them for using the land. A hole in the pipe and a hole in the ground to catch the product befor it is bucketed out for retail.....
Soldiers arrive to stop the theft and things get a bit noisy, so some bright spark (no pun intended) tosses a flare/smoke grenade (I believe it was) to shoo them off. It lands in or close to the hole...............

Many dead, many more burnt.:ugh::ugh:

Solid Rust Twotter
14th Oct 2011, 07:57
Couple of geniuses stealing avgas from a DC3 in South Africa managed to torch it when they lit a match to check whether it was worth siphoning from that particular tank.