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13th Oct 2011, 18:43
Makes a change I suppose. The shoe's on the other foot, so to speak. (if indeed it is true)

Deer kills hunter at Lux/France border (http://hello.news352.lu/edito-123065-deer-kills-hunter-at-lux-france-border.html)

67-year old man, gored as he stalks prey
Reports this morning on Ara City Radio caused some confusion, when the unfortunate death of a Belgian hunter was reported during their morning bulletin.

Some listeners were unsure if they had the story correctly. Such is the rarity of such cases.
A 67 year old farmer tracked his quarry into the woods not far from Bouillon, close to the border Lux/French border late on Tuesday evening.
The report states that the stag “rounded on him and charged when it reached a clearing. Its antlers went through one of the pensioners eye sockets, causing fatal brain damage”.
He died at the scene of his injuries.

13th Oct 2011, 19:25
That's the second piece of good news recently. The first was the bullfighter killed by a bull.

13th Oct 2011, 19:47

Hunters call it sport, and it would be a boring sport if the same side always won.

13th Oct 2011, 19:55
Cue for Woody Allen's funniest sketch

Woody Allen - The Moose - YouTube

"The moose comes in second " :ok:

13th Oct 2011, 19:55
The fightback has begun.....


sled dog
13th Oct 2011, 19:56
Oh dear..............

13th Oct 2011, 19:59
Yes, staggering!

13th Oct 2011, 20:03
Gerald's not happy either.
Not The Nine O'Clock News - Gerald the gorilla - YouTube

13th Oct 2011, 20:07
Don't monkey around with apes...


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