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13th Oct 2011, 17:15
If you are planning to leave the Mil and start your first multi-pilot type rating course with a civvie IR currency based on your Green Mil Rating please read on.

A prerequisite to start the course is a current and valid multi-engined IR. A Green Mil Rating on any type used to be able to keep your civvie rating valid on a rolling currency as you renewed in the mil eg. IR to gain ATPL(A) on Seneca followed by continuous Green Rating on Tornado meant you were good to go for a 737 Type rating Course. LASORS 2010 changed the goalposts without warning or publicity and is currently catching a few candidates out.

You can no longer use your Green Rating if your civvie IR has expired by more than 7 years. In addition, the change over to EASA means that as it stands there are no Mil dispensations after 07 Apr 12. The CAA will only issue type ratings to those in these circumstances until cease work that day. To have a type rating added to your license you need to have completed the Type Rating Course (bunch of sims and final check) and Base Training (ccts and bumps on the aircraft). All paperwork needs to have been signed off, forms filled in and fees paid etc in good time to beat the deadline. The timeline from course start to paperwork complete is approx 3 months. Therefore, you need to be starting your type rating course early Jan 12 to have any chance making the deadline.

LASORS Chapter and verse for reference;

1) To renew an IR expired by more than 7 years applicants for a multi-pilot aircraft (MPA) must pass a type rating skills test with or observed by a UK CAA Flt Ops Inspector and retake the IR(A) theoretical knowledge examinations. A QSP cannot use his Green Instrument Rating to maintain the validity and currency of his civilian IR beyond the 7 year point (LASORS Section E pg 7).

2) Where less than 7 years have elapsed since the rating expired but IR privileges have been exercised under a military IR qualification (fixed-wing or rotary) the renewal requirements will be based on the expiry of that military IR (LASORS Section E pg 7).

3) An applicant for the first type rating course for a MPA shall hold a current and valid multi-engine IR. This requirement applies to the first MPA type rating. A UK QSP(A) who has held a Green Instrument Rating within the preceding 5 years is deemed to hold a current and valid IR (LASORS Section F4.1 pg 20). Note: Only applies if civvie rating has not expired by more than 7 years (CAA Policy statement to me 12 Oct 11).

4) Unless the RAF make a case to EASA by the 08 Apr 12 all exemptions and considerations for military experience will cease midnight 07 Apr 12. As it stands the CAA will issue type ratings to QSP's based on the requirements in 2) and 3) above until that deadline (CAA Policy statement to me 12 Oct 11).

To avoid any hassle do not let your civvie IR expire by more than 7 years and renew your mult-engined IR to ensure it is current and valid at Type Rating Course start date.

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